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There isn’t a more luxurious wellness routine during the cold months of winter than climbing into a sauna. We’re making that happen affordably and in the privacy of our own homes (or anywhere, really!) with Higher Dose’s Sauna Blanket. Here’s what you should know…

TCM Obsession: The Higher Dose Infrared Sauna Blanket ($499)

Why we’re obsessed: Infrared saunas are every exhausted, but ambitious girl’s dream come true. Want the benefits of cardio during your afternoon break, but cannot muster the energy? Imagine climbing into a warm sauna blanket for thirty minutes of rest and reflection while your body gets a deep sweat right down to your core.

How the heck is this possible? While humans have been sweating it out in saunas for millennia, using infrared technology allows the heat to penetrate more deeply into our core for a faster therapy that many modern wellness lovers adore. Once the body’s core temperature increases, so does the heart rate — creating a surge of healthy circulation that works to regulate our temperature, burning quite a few calories in the process. Learn more about all the benefits of infrared in our article here.

The blanket from Higher Dose is also low-EMF which is important to consider when you’re shopping. The science on EMF radiation is still out, but we’re extra cautious because of reports like this one from the National Institutes of Health Cancer Institue.

the experience: Just as with any sauna experience, you can expect to break a major sweat using an infrared sauna blanket. Reminder: sweating is a primary means of detoxification for our bodies — flushing impurities through our body’s largest organ – our skin.

Higher Dose says you can use the blanket daily, but we prefer to pulse sessions in between regular workout days. The sauna blanket can be amazing on rest days to soften overworked muscles and boost circulation to any aches and pains.

How to Use the Higher Dose Sauna Blanket

Our top tips for a successful sauna session:

+ Wear clothing head-to-toe: Assess your loungewear and be sure to have plenty of long-sleeve tops and bottoms available — plus socks. Nothing too heavy is needed (although sweats work just fine), but you don’t want much skin in full contact with the sauna blanket for the duration of your session. You’ll also need a towel to place under your head while sweating and, later, to wipe down the blanket after you’re done.

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+ Plan your hydration: Sweating means that your body is losing a ton of water. Plan on hydrating before and after your session with plenty of water. Our hydrating obsession lately is LMNT, a brand of clean mineral salt packs we prep in a glass of water before getting into the sauna. Ever felt like you just can’t get hydrated after drinking a ton of water? It usually means you don’t have enough of these minerals. We’ve been partnering with LMNT for months and now swear by these salt and mineral stickpacks for hydration on a whole other level. Our love for LMNT has forced us to use the cringey word “thirst-quenching” in real life conversations with our loved ones — they’re that good.

+ What to expect: Set up your sauna blanket in a comfortable place (the floor works just fine) and plug it in. Set it to your desired heat level (we’re all about 7!) and wait about 10 minutes for it to heat up. Set an alarm for 30 minutes and be sure your post-sweat water is nearby. Once warm, shimmie down inside and stay there ’til your time is up! A word to the wise: you may not get an intense sweat until those last ten minutes — avoid the temptation to get out early; sweat through it!

+ For beginners: An infrared sauna session may be the easiest ‘workout’ you ever get, but if it’s your first time, consider easing into things with a lower setting, drink plenty of water and plan to relax after your shower to assess how you feel, just like after trying a new workout.

One infrared sauna pro we know insists that all newbies watch streaming shows during their first sessions to make it as easy as can be. You could also listen to a podcast or simply use the time to meditate and unplug after a long workday!

+ Clean up: Once your done, unplug your blanket and open it up to let it cool. Hand clean it while hydrating and cooling down to shower! To learn more about their safety and how to care for them, read more here.

Do you sauna? What’s your experience with infrared? Tell us in the comments below!

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