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From microcurrent facials to infrared saunas, we love our beauty and wellness technologies. When we found out that LNA‘s Lauren Alexander was also a big devotee, we asked the LA fashion founder (you need all of her cutout pieces!) to share her daily routine.

Lauren is a self-proclaimed beauty device junkie. She believes amazing skincare products can only go so far. It’s the high-tech devices, supplements, and daily routines she swears by that have made the biggest impact on her skin. The inside joke is that it takes her 3 hours to leave the house in the morning because of how extensive her morning routine is.

“I wake up before 6am, lie under my LED light for 30 minutes, and meditate.”

“If I could only do one thing for myself everyday, this would be it. I have been using my Celluma LED light for almost 3 years and it’s completely changed my skin. It’s not cheap, but if you use it regularly like I do, you’ll see incredible results. I didn’t have good skin in my 20’s, so I’ve tried just about everything out there to reverse the lingering damage.
“After I meditate under my LED light for 30 minutes, I take a shower and then—a majorly important step in my morning routine happens. I use the Shani Darden massage wand to wake up my face and get rid of any puffiness. I usually do this for 5 minutes. After that I either use my Tripollar RF device or my ZIIP micro current device. I’m obsessed with sculpting my face and lifting it in the morning. It makes me feel awake and ready for the day.

“Another major part of my beauty routine are the treatments I get at Ricari Studios here in LA. Ricari treatments have changed my body. Not just the way it looks, but also the way I feel. The Ricari treatment is amazing for getting rid of inflammation, lymphatic drainage, cellulite, firming, and sculpting. When I can’t fit in a weekly treatment, I wear their compression set (editor’s note: see our full review!) — a tank and legging combo that’s amazing for slimming the body and getting rid of puffiness. I also always travel in the set to help aid with circulation and lymphatic drainage.”

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