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MARIAH K. LYONS walks us through the coming Full Moon In Pisces on September 10. Mariah is a crystal healer, the founder of the luxury grounding footwear company ASTARA and best-selling author of Crystal Healing for Women.

This Week’s Full Moon in Pisces + Mercury Retrograde

SPIRITUAL SIGNIFICANCE… Early this Saturday morning, September 10th, the moon reaches peak fullness at 2:58am PST in the water sign Pisces. It is called the Harvest Moon, in the Farmer’s Almanac as it is the time of year to begin to harvest all that was planted, seeded and fruited this past year, both from a literal and symbolic level.

Pisces is the last sign in the 12 sign zodiac system and this Full Moon in Pisces accentuates a cycle of completion. This completion cycle may be a project that you have been working on and are ready to launch, a relationship that no longer feels in resonance, or perhaps your work or business. Full Moons support us in releasing what needs to go, and this Full Moon is asking for an openness and trust that we are safe to surrender and flow into the next cycle of our lives.

The energetic element of water is present to support fluidity through change, and also greatly heightens sensitivity, so stay aware of insights, ideas and intuitive nudges that may come through the next two weeks.

The Sun in Virgo, the earth sign of the High Priestess, is opposite the Full Moon in Pisces and brings a grounding quality to the Piscean watery depths through structure and order. Remember that water needs a vessel to hold it, or else it spills all over, so in these highly emotional and transformative times, lean deeper into your practices that anchor you within your own being. Think of your grounding practices right now as the beautiful vessel that holds the waters, so you can stay open and fluid to the change that is underway while also staying present and embodied.

On September 9th Mercury also goes retrograde into Libra and then Virgo at the end of the month, so this is truly a time of slowing down, going inward and assessing our relationships, relational dynamics and where we are out of balance in our lives. This is a potent window for integration and supportive change if we allow ourselves to surrender to a greater universal current and flow.

OVERALL THEMES TO EXPLORE… Completion, Integration, Flow

With 6 major planets in retrograde this month, the energy is asking us to take a moment of review and integration. Slow down and take stock of all you have learned and moved through, as this will help you integrate and expand into a new phase. Allow this time of culmination to ignite inquiry.

Use the journal prompts below to deepen your exploration of lessons learned. You are building your own library of experiences and there is a depth of wisdom that is earned that you can then share with the world in your own way.

Use this time to identity and explore all the you’ve been gifted to explore. Oftentimes, as we take a step back and look at how things panned out, we can put the dots together and understand why certain things happened along our way, this also allows us to sink deeper into a space of trust during times of uncertainty and surrender into greater flow.

HOW YOU MAY FEEL… Uneasy, Emotional, Tentative

With so much change and completion, there might be feelings of grief or uneasiness coming up as to what is coming to an end alongside confusion about what will be. Breathe into your body and remember that “this too shall pass.” This is a symbolic pause between an exhale before the next inhale, and a potent moment at that, so allow whatever feelings are arising to be felt without needing to attach too much.

How can you surrender into flow even deeper and let the emotions flow through you? Trust that whatever is completing is creating space for greater expansion, new experiences and deeper connections.

EXCELLENT TIME TO… Spend some time journaling and in solo inquiry. It’s also a great time to be in nourishing places, such as those in nature, and away from extra stimulation, as sensitivities are already heightened. As much is moving through, make sure to drink extra water and stay hydrated.

EFT tapping, acupuncture, lymphatic massage and infrared saunas are great tools right now to cleanse and clear the waters/fluids of your body and any emotions held within the cells. Take some time to tune into all you have experienced and grown into this past year and even write it down so you can look at all you have learned.

JOURNALING PROMPT… What is coming to completion? How does that feel? What have I learned this past year? What am I proud of myself for? What are the “fruits of my labor” that I can harvest at this time? What needs to release at this time? Where do I desire more flow? How does “flow” feel in my body? One word that can support me in this transition is _______.

My book Crystal Healing for Women is filled with additional supports if you want to take your learning further.

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