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All hail hemp. Between the rise of CBD mania and the recent federal legalization of hemp, this versatile miracle plant is finally getting the recognition it deserves. We’re even starting to see hemp seed oil become a prominent ingredient in clean beauty and skincare — and you bet we’re on board.

Hemp seed oil is made by cold-pressing hemp seeds. This makes it different from that CBD oil tincture you’ve been tossing back, which is extracted from hemp flowers and leaves. Hemp seed oil technically doesn’t contain any THC or CBD, but it does contain potent antioxidants, nourishing vitamins, and moisturizing omega-3 and -6 fatty acids that make it insanely beneficial for skin health. Here are a few major benefits:

Deep Hydration. Hemp oil helps heal and prevent dry skin without clogging pores. Hemp oil is emollient and, especially when combined with other easy-to-absorb ingredients, leaves the skin feeling soft and supple

Oil Control. When you’re dealing with oily skin, you might think to avoid adding more oil, but hemp seed oil is actually helpful for controlling excess oil production in the sebaceous glands, which is a key trigger for acne. Studies show that the endocannabinoid system — which is our body’s innate system of receptors and enzymes that cannabinoids interact with — plays a role in the skin’s oil balance, making hemp oil an extremely effective solution.

Anti-Inflammatory. Chronic inflammation of the skin can lead to difficult conditions like acne and psoriasis. Hemp seed oil is rich in fatty acids which help hydrate and soothe inflamed skin. One of the omega-6 fatty acids that hemp oil contains has a major anti-inflammatory effect while encouraging new cell generation.

One of our favorite hemp oil skincare saviors comes from The Detox Market‘s in-house line. After falling in love with their all-purpose Here + There Balm we decided to scout out a few other amazing hemp-powered products on their shelves. Load up your cart and thank us later…

hemp seed oil balmDetox Mode Here + There Mode | This multipurpose balm provides a heavenly scented head-to-toe moisturizing solution. Hemp seed oil combines with nettle and dandelion extracts to infuse a powerhouse of vitamins A, B, C, and D. Gamma-linolenic acid works to target and reduce the appearance of inflammation while astringent properties may relieve irritation. Use it anywhere your skin needs a kiss of nourishment: elbows, hands, heels, cuticles, dry patches—even bug bites. CHECK OUT

Josh Rosebrook Active Infusion SerumJosh Rosebrook Active Infusion Serum | This all-purpose serum contains nutrient-rich ingredients, blended to regenerate the skin’s appearance. Hemp seed, marula, avocado, and grape seed oils provide fast-absorbing hydration, while fatty acids and phytonutrients promote a soft and radiant complexion. CHECK OUT

Osea Undaria Body PolishOsea Undaria Body Polish |This fine-grain body scrub features a blend of acai, pumice and guarana powders to buff away dead skin cells. Hemp seed and passion fruit oils softens and deeply hydrates the skin leaving a perfectly smooth, soft and supple surface. CHECK OUT

Radice Apothecary Black Cumin Cleansing MilkRadice Apothecary Black Cumin Cleansing Milk | This milky cleanser gently removes dirt, makeup and other impurities without stripping or drying the skin. The addition of hemp seed oil helps maintain the skin’s natural moisture balance. CHECK OUT

hemp seed oil lip balmHurraw! Green Tea Lip Balm | We’re loving this raw, vegan lip balm lately. Organic cold-pressed hemp seed oil is added to the mix, giving this balm a high concentration of omega fatty acids. Matcha gives it added antioxidant benefits. CHECK OUT

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