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Ready to go all-in on a big batch of old school cookie dough or buttercream frosting this Valentine’s Day? We’re all for it. Knowing when to indulge is what living well is all about! Unfortunately, we know that many of you simply can’t indulge in  dairy, gluten or alcohol no matter the occasion! If that’s you, or if you’re simply the type that’s committed to celebrating the holidays in a healthyish manner, we have a few great ideas that’ll give you all the delicious and celebratory feels…

01 | Pink champagne – hold the alcohol. The key to enjoying healthyish celebrations is all in the presentation. There is possibly nothing more glamorous for Galentine’s Day than this silver champagne bowl from Mark & Graham filled to the brim with pink champagne – non-alcoholic options included! Don’t forget the pink coupes!

One of the best no-ABV sips we’ve tried lately is the alcohol-free French sparkling Le Rosé from certified organic French Bloom. Both Le Rosé and Le Blanc are delicious, dry and completely alcohol free alternatives to champagne for sober occasions (and brilliant for baby showers too!).

02 | Chocolate Brownies – hold the grain + dairy. We love a box of chocolates or a good cake for Valentine’s Day, but nothing is a  through and through chocolate as a good brownie. Bake up a batch of these almond butter brownies for breakfast on V Day – they’re that clean!

03 | A layer cake – hold the butter. Nine Cakes in Hudson, New York makes a gorgeous hand-painted Watercolor Confetti Cake (above) that comes healthyish by request. When you order, simply select the Gluten Free Chocolate or Vanilla cake with layers of raspberry puree and vanilla bean buttercream or the Vegan Chocolate or Vanilla cake option with layers of raspberry puree and vanilla bean vegan icing. Request their natural-only food coloring when ordering too!

04 | A heart-shaped pizza – hold the gluten. Our ultimate pizza fantasy here in L.A. is now available nation-wide and heart-shaped! Pizzana offers their delicious pies through Goldbelly — baked with the cleanest, freshest gourmet ingredients that even you’re not-so-healthy friends will love. And, yes, there’s a gluten-free option!

05 | Pints of ice cream – hold the fake stuff. If you’re going to stay in and eat ice cream right out of the pint with friends for Galentine’s Day, steer clear of the junk ingredients and go for old fashioned, whole food treats instead! We adore McConnell’s for real, gourmet ice cream that comes from Santa Barbara. Their strawberry shortcake pints are pink enough for the occasion and totally organic. There are also tons of dairy-free flavors if you want to treat yourself but are lactose intolerant!

06 | Cookie Dough – hold the gluten. Looking for an effortless hit of chocolate chip cookie goodness this Valentine’s Day? Pair this grain-free, dairy-free pre-made cookie dough from Sweet Laurel with pair with the Nancy Meyers’ selection of your choice. If you want to go all-in, turn this grain-free cookie dough into the base of an incredible warm cookie sundae. Simply layer with a McConnell’s flavor of your choice, natural rainbow sprinkles and homemade coconut whipped cream!

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