20 Summer Tips

We’ve been waiting for summer to come back like all year. Now that it’s here, you can bet we’ll be making the most of it by beaching, hosting all things al fresco, and under-dressing appropriately as we make our way straight through the season.

On-board for the summer of a lifetime – or at least the best yet? We’re sharing our top twenty wellness-inducing tips to ensure you’ll look and feel absolutely amazing…

 20 great ideas For The Best Summer Ever

One: Eat your sunscreen. Did you know that your diet can work synergistically with your sunscreen to keep your skin strong? The green beauty gurus of CAP Beauty recommend loading up on these fruits and veggies for an extra protective boost all summer and especially pre-vacation.

Two: Dress to kale. We’re in love with this farmers market style guide. Sort of silly, but spot on. Get all the summer feels basking in summer produce bliss with this carry all, minimalist leather sandals and these summer wardrobe essentials.

Three: Chill out and Freeze. It’s hot out there! But bikinis and ice cream can be a tough match. Get that bod cooled down and nourished with refreshing, nutrient-infused treats like Pressed Juicery’s Freeze, these hydrating DIY popsicles or this superfood-packed nice cream sundae.

Four: Slather on a clean SPF. If you plan on soaking up the sun this summer, be sure to have a great, non-toxic SPF on hand too. We love these chemical-free formulas.

Five: Travel smarter. If you’re traveling by plane you will definitely need a few clean beauty essentials including this game-changing moisture mask. Trust us, this is an in-flight game changer.

Six: Green sun recovery. If you’ve accidentally spent too much time in the sun, this clever matcha sunburn mask is a simple DIY that basically erases the redness, and soothes the pain in a flash.

Seven: Go (nearly) makeup-less. Our summer beauty look is all about ease, simplicity and efficiency. We love this light, clean look from a Hollywood makeup pro that’ll keep you feeling glowy til fall.

Eight: Stay Hydrated x 100. Hitting up the beach, BBQ, or a hotel pool? Be sure to keep the hydration happening with mineral water, spicy lemonade, this ultra-hydrating, vacation-flavored nourishing tonic or an herbal infusion packed with minerals.

Nine: Fitness pre-party. Try this yogi’s killer five day mind and body reboot pre-vacay to land feeling present, energized and ready to relax like you mean it.

ten: Make excuses to celebrate! Call up the ladies, make a pitcher cocktail like this one and invite ’em all over for a low-maintenance, but high-style hang.

eleven: Keep the cocktails simple. Whether you’re lounging by the pool with your ride-or-die, or hosting a gathering for a handful of friends, the right summer cocktail can set the tone. We love these three-ingredient cocktails that are easy to prep and delicious to drink down.

twelve: Ice ice baby.  Make these beautiful edible flower cubes. They’re easy, we promise, and look impressive in any drink. Try these minty ones to add a subtle and refreshing wash of flavor.

Thirteen: Be prepared for casual drop-ins. We love these tips for turning home into a hostess playground in just a few minutes. Absolutely necessary for the summer months, if you’re hoping to see more friends and still keep your cool.

Fourteen: Try the wedding day diet. Whether you’re a bride, guest or just curious, these nutritionist-approved tips will keep you feeling de-puffed, de-stressed and glowing from the inside out for any special summer occasions.

Fifteen: Make friend dates healthy. Turn a beach day into a full-on wellness day, or sneak some fitness in during a social gathering — take a break from bbq for a little walk. Start your weekend with a hiking friend date or meet up early before work and do this.

Sixteen: Feed your mind. Getting into a great book is the ultimate excuse to lounge around. Discover a summer beach read to get obsessed with by taking this quiz!

seventeen: Upgrade your BBQ. A few of our all-time favorite summer recipes are: this nourishing 4th of July menu, this yogi’s awesome maple-portobello burger served alongside these sweet potato fries,  three ways to upgrade classic grilled corn,  this planty charcuterie platter, this stunning sprouted grain salad and of course, this hydrating coconut water cocktail.

Eighteen: Veggies made easy. Summer produce is some of the best all year. Eat more of it by making a delicious sauce to pour over fresh veggies. Some of our faves include: this clean ranch dip, these superfood salad dressing ideas, this neon pink beet dip, this tangy miso sauce, this probiotic-rich crudite creation, and this refreshing rosewater tahini blend.

Nineteen: Beautify slowly, deeply, naturally. Relax, and take it easy. Grounding down and indulging in the simple pleasures of the season are some of the easiest beauty tips ever. Learn more about slow beauty here.

Twenty: Explore! Get out there and live that local life. Find fun activities around town and see things with fresh eyes. These are a few of our favorite things to do around LA.

What are your tips for the having best summer ever?
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