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Some hair problems run deeper than what a styling session can cover. Don’t get us wrong, we love a quick hairspray or dry shampoo fix, but they don’t really do much for us in the long run.

Lately, we’re looking for hair products that actually improve the health, look and feel of our hair IRL. These 5 condition-specific treatments go beyond hairspray and conditioners that shellac your strands with wax. While we love the instant payoff of those kinds of products, while we’re spending more time at home, we’re looking for wearable treatments that address the health of our scalp and hair whether for thickness, strength or shine.

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Every treatment on our shortlist comes to us from our fall beauty partner, Davines (da·vih·nes). The family-owned Italian brand embodies everything we value in a clean beauty brand:

+ Clean + Sustainable | All formulations favor the use of ingredients of natural origin, are generated with renewable electric energy and packaged in recycled materials. Tubes and labels are made with plant-based plastic from renewable sources (sugarcane).

+ They’re B Corp certified | Davines looks at business as “a positive force capable of generating profit and at the same time creating a virtuous impact on people and the environment.” Their Italian headquarters is a world-class carbon-neutral village with a greenhouse at it’s center!

+ Approved by Top Pros | Used in the best boutique salons here in L.A. from Chris Mcmilllan to Meche Salon to Andy LeCompte, Davines’ epic menu of in-salon Naturaltech treatments can also help take your haircare to the next level this fall.

5 Clean At-Home Hair Treatments

These treatments are part of Davines new and improved NATURALTECH line and we’ve been trying them at home to balance the unique hair woes we’re experiencing in 2021 — whether stress-induced or damage from that perma-ponytail…

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FOR HAIR THAT’S FRAZZLED | NATURALTECH Nourishing Keratin Sealer | Shop Now

If you’re seeing split ends, damage and dullness faster than usual, don’t stress. A leave-in fluid like this keratin sealer can quickly provide a restorative effect. The Nourishing Keratin Sealer does just what it says, nourishing and protecting strands through an easy, daily application on towel-dried hair that doesn’t need rinsing out. Think of this Sealer as you do the final step in your skincare routine, but for your hair — a nourishing layer of protection that seals and strengthens the hair fiber to prevent split ends.
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FOR INSTANT BODY | NATURALTECH Energizing Thickening Tonic | Shop Now

The Thickening Tonic is one of the most dramatically impressive products in the new line, instantly increasing the diameter of the hair fiber by 10%!

This leave-in tonic actually expands the diameter of the hair fiber from the very first application, all while invigorating the scalp, without the residue some stylers and thickening products can leave. Again, this is the kind of haircare product we’re into lately! We’re building the health of our hair while creating body and shine that’s 100% ready for a Zoom call.
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TO REVITALIZE DAILY | NATURALTECH Detoxifying Scrub Shampoo | Shop Now

We’ve been obsessed with scalp scrubs for years, and looking at the growth of ‘hair scrubs’ in the beauty industry, this trend is here to stay!

Here’s why: a detoxifying scalp scrub addresses the real root of most hair issues: the scalp! Product build-up and the wear and tear of life take their toll on our scalps just like the rest of the skin on our bodies.

Davines’ version is filled with gentle natural surfactants and scrub particles. If you’ve never tried a scalp scrub before, a scrubbing shampoo is the easiest way to try it and see what all the hubbub is about. It’s less messy, rinses more easily than some goopy scrub treatments and feels absolutely therapeutic.

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FOR SCALP RECOVERY | NATURALTECH Elevating Scalp Recovery Treatment | Shop Now

This leave-in treatment is designed especially for a dehydrated and sensitized (read: red and itchy) scalp. Use on damp hair after showering, massaging the product into the scalp until it is completely absorbed and don’t rinse out. You can also use the treatment throughout the day if needed 

The anti-inflammatory treatment is packed with a microbiotic booster for your scalp’s microbiome balance and tasmanian pepper berry extracts to help nourish and calm. 

In testing, Davines found that Elevating Scalp Recovery Treatment improved scalp hydration by over 20% and skin barrier integrity by 10% immediately after the first use.davines treatments

THICKNESS ON DEMAND | NATURALTECH Replumping Hair Filler Superactive Leave-In | Shop Now

Again, because the Superactive Leave-in is a treatment, not just a styling product, the Replumping Hair Filler serves as a healthy foundation before your other volumizing products — and may just replace them.

Plum phytoceuticals rich in polyphenols and flavonoids fight free radicals while toning and elasticizing your hair. Apply after washing and before blow-drying to majorly extend the volume of your blow out.

Learn more about Davines’ clean NATURAL TECH line of products. Each one harnesses cutting edge tech with sustainable formulas.

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