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Just over the hill from the bustle of Hollywood, Studio City feels a million miles away from LA. In peak traffic, that’s essentially true. When it comes to the city’s wellness hubs, Studio City is less commonly discussed than other walkable neighborhoods like Venice, Santa Monica and Echo Park, but the vibes run just as high.

Los Angeles is more of a collection of neighborhoods than a cohesive city, and we cherish finding pretty little pockets of life to immerse ourselves in. Studio City, which mostly runs along a single street — Ventura Boulevard — is a breeze to bounce through and an absolute joy to explore thanks to its incredible variety of one-stop massage spots, trendy workout studios and cute cafes where you can indulge in a matcha oat latte and glorious slice of designer toast without the usual scene.

Unpretentious but fully loaded, Studio City is an ideal destination for an Angeleno to escape the current of  trend overload while still enjoying all the best wellness experiences the city has to offer. We recently spent a day bopping around the neighborhood and found a trove of spots worthy of treking across town for…

Our Wellness Guide To Studio City

Squeeze | This new massage studio concept from the founders of Dry Bar is a dream for modern life. Launching just a few months ago, there is only one location so far and that location is in Studio City. Everything about the space is designed for a streamlined but totally luxurious experience. Simply download their app — where you can book a massage, pick your therapist and preferred pressure, and pay with the quick click of a button — pop into the studio and enjoy. Leave feeling refreshed without any of the hassle of checking out later.

The Den |The DEN Meditation offers guided mindfulness meditation classes  and other meditation practices. Just like popping into any studio for a yoga class,  The DEN is a cozy space with skilled teachers and a variety of classes all of which leave you feeling deeply at ease. We recently attended a sound bath there and felt like we were floating for hours to follow.
The Now | One of our favorite massage spots in LA, The Now has mastered the art of ambiance. With major Tulum vibes and exceptionally good quality massages for pretty manageable prices (they even offer monthly membership discounts), it’s the perfect place to stop by with a friend before brunch or in the middle of an errands run. We frequent the one in west LA, and are delighted to have access to the stunning space in Studio City too.

Tracy Anderson |Fitness pioneer Tracy Anderson’s revolutionary method has transformed the bods of just about every A-lister we know. We live for her online classes, but there’s nothing quite like flowing with the energy of a group in one of her two LA studio spaces. Studio City is a slightly unexpected location for TA, but that’s half the reason we love it. Book a class then bop around Ventura Boulevard for a post-workout fuel up and some sweet vitamin D.

Shapehouse | The befits of infrared saunas are major and no one makes it more fun and accessible than ShapeHouse. We love coming in for a sweat session where you get wrapped up in a weighted cocoon and simply sit back and relax to some Netflix while your body burns up in the most relaxing way.

Namaste Nails | Part nail salon, part zen sanctuary, Namaste Nails offers a dreamy blend of wellness and beauty. The calming atmosphere is a world apart from most other nail salons, and includes features like stone fountains, soft lighting, moss walls, air-purification systems (meaning no nauseating nail polish vapors) as wells as noise canceling headphones at each station where you can listen to a guided meditation that pairs with lights designed to pulse at frequencies to help you relax.
Alfred | Alfred is an LA staple and the Studio City location is as cute as can be. We love stopping in for a chaga coffee dupe or creamy matcha latte — and the people (or dog) watching, of course. If you’re spending an afternoon out in Studio City, it’s the perfect place to drop by and refresh.

Barnes & Noble | A real life bookstore! One of the last standing locations of the iconic bookstore chain in the city, we love stopping in and spending an hour browsing around, flipping through printed books and getting lost in the isles full of beautiful covers and that intoxicating new book smell. Don’t underestimate the rejuvinating power of an analog hour spent in an old-school (and very well-stocked) bookstore.

Cycle House | Another LA fave, Cycle House is one of our most loved workouts in the city. Come in for a serious sweat sesh then treat yourself to something delicious down the street.

Sun Cafe | This unassuming raw food resto might not be the chicest lunch spot in the city but the food is seriously so good. Specializing in totally raw foods, prepped to perfection, you can load up and leave feeling better than when you came in.
Wild Flora | This pretty shop is another place to stop and smell the roses — or other stunning seasonal blooms — while spending a day in Studio City. WildFlora offers a curated assortment of loose blooms and bouquets as well as the occasional workshop.

Pressed Juicery | If you’re spending an afternoon in Studio City, why not stop by Pressed Juicery and load up on something delicious. Snag a celery juice after a workout for a detox boost or any other juice for a delicious and healthy pick-me-up.
Joans on Third | We love this quint but buzzing NYC-esque cafe for lunch with friends — or even on our own. Their prepared foods bar is always on point, whether you’re craving a seasonal salad, locally cured charcuterie or a wild mushroom quesadilla. We can’t help but shop around when we’re there, collecting jars of homemade pickles and craft vinegar to style up our own home cooking in the cutest way.

Bluestone Lane | This Aussie coffee shop chain definitely delivers when it comes to a top-quality cup of coffee. Grab a flat white and sit for a few minutes enjoying every sip. Want a snack to much on while you caffeinate? Their avocado toast never disappoints.

Wasteland | This high-end  clothing boutique sells new, gently used and vintage women’s clothing. It’s a blast to browse through, finding funky but stylish clothes that aren’t in everyone else’s closet. The vintage section get’s extra points in our book for being a little extra sustainable and eco-friendly by nature.

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