The Healthy Friend Date: Lily Aldridge On BFFs + Staying In Shape

Do you ever feel like you’ve got to choose between hanging with your friends and keeping your wellness plans on track? It’s easy enough to fit in a workout or a healthy lunch when you’re laying low, but – a day out with the girls? Those wellness goals can quickly go out the window as your best bud ushers in the next round of drinks!

Our Guest Editor Lily Aldridge knows a thing or two about keeping life in balance. As a highly sought-after model, Lily keeps in tip-top shape year round, eating well, keeping her skin this gorgeous and sweating it up with workouts of all kinds. What we love about Lily is that on top of being one of fashion’s top pros, she’s a true girl’s girl at heart and knows how to live life to it’s fullest – most recently, hitting up all the pastas on vacation in Italy, then returning home to extra green juices and a little more time in the studio. That’s how it’s done!

Keeping friendships in full bloom while still staying fit and glowing is a challenge we all face. We asked Lily to talk to us about how she handles that dilemma herself, including her favorite kind of healthy friend date and the gal pal most likely to sabotage her diet (we all have one!)…

Fave healthy lunch spot:

ABC Kitchen inside ABC Home in New York (We love it too – get the recipes)

Healthy cocktail of choice:

Patron Silver with Pressed Juicery’s Citrus 3, soda and lime. (Get the cocktail recipe here)

Friend most likely to break your diet:

Behati Prinsloo.

Best fitness friend date:

Ballet Beautiful with Doutzen.

Healthy girls night in tip?

Sakara Life popcorn.

Healthy girls night out tip?

Drinks lots of water… haha.

Fave thing to make for friends at home:

I’m obsessed with pho. Everyone can add the flavors they love and no one’s bowl will taste the same as the others.

Health food that won't upset non-healthy friends:


Friend who is the best cook:

My husband Caleb is an amazing cook.

Best advice ever given on friendship:

Treasure your friendships.

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