Whether you’re on a break for the holidays or are looking for fun ways to hang with extended family, wellness devotee and dad, J.P. Mastey is sharing top spots around LA that will keep children healthy and happy—which, may we mention, will keep you the same…

It was with the birth of my daughter that inspired me to create Corpus. My wife and I went from being health-conscious to health-focused when we were expecting our daughter, Chloe (now 4 years old). We went beyond our use of natural products in our home and started to focus on a plant-based diet. We are not vegan, but we have certainly shifted the majority of our diet to plant-based.

We are fortunate to live in a city like Los Angeles. Having young children and avoiding (honestly, it’s reducing) the nuggets and pizza spots is not easy. Enter our current favorites …

Pressed Juicery Freeze at The Grove | We frequent The Grove often especially now as we enter the holiday season, whether it’s shopping, movies or meals. And the favorite for us parents and kids is the Pressed Juicery Freeze—we eat it so often that the idea of traditional dairy-based ice cream seems like drinking soda (something we eliminated years ago).

Pressed Juicery Freeze sundae in seattle

Backyard Bowls | My office is located near another favorite, Backyard Bowls. And again, both parents and kids find it equally satisfying—Acai based bowls with granola and fruit toppings or avocado toast are the go-to items.

LACMA nights | LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art) has a Jazz Night, which is hosted outside on the lawns where hundreds of people picnic—it has become a great way to disconnect, snack and catch up with other family friends.

LACMA los angeles art musuem

farmers market days | The Melrose Place farmers market is another event we hit up a few Sundays each month; the kids enjoy the hunt with their favorite snacks and vendors.

Date Nights out | When it comes to adults, our two current favorites are the plant-based Mexican restaurant Gracias Madre and Jaffa, a new take on Mediterranean food (we can avoid meat if we want and still have the most amazing meal).

Clean Pizzas | Now we are no perfect family. We do indulge in crowd favorites like pizza and burgers. And when we do, we tend to frequent the better ingredients spots like Pizzana on Robertson and Belcampo for a burger.

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