Most of us are still trying to figure out how to feed ourselves healthfully. But the food we provide for our pets matters too! If you’ve got a pup in the house, but are puzzled when it comes to how to healthfully feed them, listen up as we chat with Pure Dog Food! Pure is a new pet food delivery service providing top notch treats to pet-owners looking for the highest-quality food available. Pure provides simple, pure and nutrient-dense meals for pets and those who know that nutrition is important for every last member of the family!

The Chalkboard Mag: Most of us are trying to find healthy solutions for our own meals. Why does pure food for pets matter so much?

PURE Dog Food: Eating unprocessed, natural food supports a longer, healthier life. Believe it or not, the same goes for dogs! Dogs thrive on unprocessed, simple foods. Minimal processing benefits every aspect of their health system, from coat to organ function.

TCM: What are the key factors that dog owners should be aware of for a healthy diet for their dogs? 

PURE: All dogs should love their food. There are no picky eaters! Dogs should not consume dry, baked or fried food. Dogs should not consume preservatives  – they stress their digestive systems and can cause all kinds of allergies.

TCM: What makes most commercial dog foods worth avoiding?

PURE: The production method is the number-one reason to avoid feeding commercial brands to your dog. Most kibble is baked or fried at very high temperatures and mixed with high amounts of vitamins, preservatives, fillers and artificial dyes to compensate for the decreased natural flavor and nutrition value present after undergoing the cooking process.

TCM: What process does PURE use to create your recipes?

PURE: We only use fresh ingredients fit for human consumption. Our beef, chicken and turkey are all organic. Our vegetables are purchased each week from local markets and stores. Our grains are whole, natural and organic when available. In our commercial-grade kitchen, we fully cook our ingredients at very low temperatures, then we hand-mix and custom balance the mixture with vitamins prescribed by our veterinary nutritionist to ensure each formula is nutritionally sufficient for all dogs. Once the food has cooled, we package and freeze it immediately so that upon delivery you receive the freshest food possible.

TCM: Most of us are hesitant to feed our dogs “people food,” and with good reason. But what are a few foods that are safe to feed dogs as snacks between meals, or when we’re out and about?

PURE:  There is a misconception about feeding dogs “people food.”  It’s feeding from the table directly to the dogs’ mouth, which can create bad habits and unwanted begging in your home. There is a large variety of “people foods” that are perfectly wonderful to share with your dog. Carrots, apples, jicama, and dried sweet potatoes are great snacks that most dogs love.

TCM: What other benefits come from a natural diet? 

PURE: A natural diet helps eliminate symptoms from food allergies, prevents obesity, can eliminate unnecessary medications, and can also prevent reoccurring veterinary visits for various health issues. Most importantly, a natural diet promotes a long, happy and healthy lifespan for your pet.

Popsicles For Puppies


1 mashed banana
2 cups of Watermelon Mint juice from Pressed Juicery or fresh-blended watermelon juice
2 cups of water
1/2 cup plain yogurt


Combine all ingredients thoroughly, pour into an ice cube tray or other small containers and freeze. Great to give your dog after a long walk on a hot day, or simply as a special treat!

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