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What’s more exciting: Beyonce’s appearance on Coachella’s main stage this year or the just released Coachella food lineup?

As thoughts of that Indio migration begin to stir (Weekend One is this coming weekend!), we’re mapping out our entire desert snack itinerary now. Here are our top picks for wellness-leaning options on the Coachella food lineup for 2018…

Go Get Em Tiger | Snag a matcha latte between sets to give yourself an energy boost that you won’t need to recover from later. If matcha isn’t your jam, grab an iced coffee and swirl in a packet of adaptogens.

Guerrilla Tacos |The legendary taco truck turned LA cultural phenomenon is run by a gourmet chef – and you can tell. Guerilla’s farm-to-table seasonal tacos and tamales will give you real food to fuel your afternoon, and plenty of Instagram opportunity.

GT’s Kombucha | We’re guessing gut health isn’t top of your mind during Coachella, but instead of another bubbly cocktail or beer, get your fizzy fix with a glass of fermented kombucha from an OG maker.

Hayden | An all-day eatery located at the impossibly adorable Platform in Culver City, Hayden features Japanese-inspired seasonal California cuisine. That includes a raw food bar and lots of gut-friendly ferments!

Vibe Organic Kitchen | This cute Newport cafe specializes in plant-based and often raw food. Stop by their stand for wellnessy foods like a jackfruit veggie bowl or collared green-wrapped burrito.Sweetfin Poke | This might just be the healthiest fast food in the whole festival. Instead of grabbing a pizza or burger for a quick bite and easy blast of protein, scoop up a poke bowl full of sustainable fish, whole grains, fresh herbs, sea veggies and healthy fats (we’re looking at you, avocado).

Phorage | We’re hoping this LA Vietnamese resto will be bringing a big vat of their bone broth-based pho. If not, a bahn mi piled high with protein, fresh and pickled veggies, and tons of detoxifying herbs will do just fine.

Seabird’s Kitchen | We’re loving this charming Costa Mesa restaurant’s seasonal vegan dishes as a veg-friendly options that will keep your body powered, your mind balanced and your vibe as hippie-rich as humanly possible.

Cocobella Creamery | The only thing dreamer on a hot festival afternoon than a bowl of dairy and nut-free vegan frozen yogurt is a cone of it – because sustainability, of course…

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