Rethink Chinese: The Nutritionist-Guided Menu at Joss Cuisine

Most people love Chinese food, but avoid it because it can be greasy and laden with unhealthy flavor enhancers like Mono Sodium Glutamate (MSG) and unhealthy oils. MSG is a chemically altered form of salt and it makes the body crave more of it. Joss Cuisine in Beverly Hills takes authentic Chinese Cuisine for a modern spin. Head Chef Golo Kwokson Yu teamed up with certified nutritionist Beulah Ku to create a menu that is truly nutritious.  Joss uses the finest local organic ingredients and ancient Chinese elixirs that nourish the body. Joss replaces the use of chemically processed granulated sodium with natural crystallized sea salt. In addition, they use fresh ginger root, spices, Shiao-Hsing wine and occasionally a special soy and mushroom-based flavor enhancer.

You can choose to dine in their 1930s Shanghai-inspired dining areas – or carryout, of course. Start with their Chicken and Fig Soup Elixir comprised of a delicious tonic broth with lycium berries (goji), white figs, ginkgo nuts and huai-shan. Move on to their organic West Lake Haute Chop Sui which is described as a symphony of lotus root, ginko nut, fresh water chestnut, pea pod wok tossed in a light ginger sauce. A traditional Chinese meal wouldn’t be complete without tea. Some of their teas include jasmine, white peony, black tea and chrysanthemum. The rest of  Joss’ impressive menu can be found at josscuisine.com.



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