Health at all costs: The 3 best maca sources at every price

Is it just us, or does it sometimes seem as if healthy eating literally comes at quite the cost? Organic produce, raw snacks, supplements and superfoods…it’s no wonder our wallets runneth dry after a quick jaunt to our beloved local market! Fortunately, we’ve done a bit of homework on behalf of our fellow health-conscious comrades, and came across a few options for every width of wallet. It turns out that high-quality products can be found at every price point – but just like finding the perfect guy, the hunt can take a bit of effort!

Maca root is a superfood made for Valentine’s Day. Native to the high Andes of Peru, maca is a powerful adaptogen, meaning it works with the body to stabilize hormones and increase energy, oxygen intake, and endurance. It’s commonly used to maximize athletic performance and minimize hormonal side effects from conditions such as PMS and menopause. But more importantly, maca can boost the libido in both men and women, earning it the nickname “Nature’s Viagra.” No matter your budget, we’ve found the perfect product for everyone this Valentine’s Day…

High: Femmenessence Macaharmony

If you’re ready to pull out the big guns, Femmenessence Pro is the way to go. This is one of the top products recommended by naturopathic doctors for balancing hormones and getting the libido revved up. It’s hefty price tag is due to the concentration of maca nutrients present: over ten times higher than what is found in normal raw maca. This maximizes its bio-availability and increases therapeutic benefits, making it money well spent.

Midpoint: Organic Maca Gelatinized Powder by Navitas Naturals

Maca has a delicious butterscotch flavor, making it the perfect complement to smoothies and desserts. Unlike other powdered versions, this form of maca by Navitas Naturals is actually gelatinized. Gelatinized maca is starch-free, which makes its nutrition easier to digest and absorb. Give it a whirl by making this Maca Berry Green Shake for breakfast or an afternoon snack.

Low: Lulu’s Maca Buttercups

As if you needed yet another reason to indulge in dark chocolate. These scrumptious buttercups are hand-crafted with organic, raw Ecuadorian cacao and coconut sugar, and stuffed with sprouted almonds, vanilla bean, fleur de sel, mesquite, and a heaping dose of wildcrafted maca. If you prefer your maca on the sweeter side, pick up these buttercups for an afternoon treat…or for gifting to that special someone.

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