on a crystal binge lately? We get it. We’re all about the power of these pretty little rocks to amp up just about everything. But have you tried them in your skincare routines yet? Get into it…

Crystal-infused beauty products are all the rage, so why not make your own? Crystals been used for ages to heal ailments, and they’re now making their way into our beauty routines. Try a crystal-infused mini facial to harness their healing powers for both mind and skin. Here are the essential crystals…

Aquamarine: this crystal resonates with the energy of the ocean, helping the wearer connect with the natural energy and spirit of the beautiful ocean. Raw aquamarine helps restore tranquility, making this not only a beauty ritual, but also a stress reducing ritual for the morning or evening. Raw aquamarine also helps to connect you with your true self, making it a useful stone to replenish  self-love and confidence.

Rose quartz: this is the stone of unconditional love. It activates the heart chakra and fills your body with positive energy. It cleanses and revitalizes your auric field, releasing all the stress, tension, anger and resentment you may be carrying with you. It replaces these negative energies with feelings of hope, faith and peace for the future. The powerful love vibrations penetrate your heart down to a cellular level, rejuvenating and reprogramming your cells.

The Crystal-Infused Mini Facial: First, create your own crystal-infused beauty water with the recipe below. We used both raw aquamarine and rose quartz stones. Once you make your crystal beauty water, you can use it to wash your face, or use the water to create energetic serums and lotions the same way you would with water. Having this beauty water around is lovely, in part because the crystals are just so pretty to look at!

To really pump up the crystal benefits, whip up a post-cleansing, crystal-infused finishing-oil mist to add to your daily facial care regime. A blend of crystal-infused water, jojoba, frankincense and sandalwood oils is both soothing and renewing. This balancing combination will moisturize dry, winter skin while activating your skin cells and rejuvenating your energy.

Spritz your face with the facial-oil mist, then distribute it over the skin with a jade roller. There are lots of energy points on the face and using a jade roller helps release the tension that makes us age. It also releases emotional stress.

To end your beauty ritual, place the rose quartz and aquamarine on your face or body. You can put the stones wherever you feel tension to help further release that built up energy, wrinkles or puffiness.



4 oz crystal-infused beauty water (see directions above)
1/4 tsp argan oil
1/8 tsp frankincense essential oil
1/8 tsp sandalwood essential oil


Combine ingredients in a spray mister bottle. Shake well and mist face. If you have a jade roller, you can use it help distribute the oil mist.

DIY Healing Crystal Beauty Water


Start by cleansing your crystals with warm filtered water. Rinse them a few times to get any dirt or loose particles off (remember these are raw crystals, so it’s natural for them to have some earth matter still on them).


When you are done cleansing them, place the crystals in a glass bowl and cover the gems with filtered water.


Set the bowl in direct sunlight starting at sunrise and let it absorb the sun’s energy until sunset. Alternatively, you can leave the aquamarine under a full moon for the night to harness moon energy.


Bring the water inside and splash it on your face as you say self-love affirmations. You may say, “I am worthy,” and “I love myself,” or you may use something that speaks to your own desires or self-love.


Refill your bowl with water and put it back in the sun to have a constant flow of beauty water available.

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