reformation is the kind of brand green goddesses dream of. Responsibly made – and every single piece an It Girl status outfit waiting to happen. We’re as obsessed as you are with the brand’s prints, cuts and values, and asked their top team members to share a bit about their stylish storefronts.

As you may have learned right here on TCM, top brands in the eco-friendly space aren’t just green when it comes to their final product – they’re green through and through, right down to the recycled paper clips.

This Earth Day, we’re taking a look behind the scenes at Reformation’s eco-savvy storefronts and finding out how they dress up the shops in a way that sticks right to their green roots. From the modern lighting to the recycled hangers, find out how Reformation is proving that style and sustainability can peacefully coexist…

8 Ways Reformation Keeps It green

Deadstock Fabrics:

We make our pieces from super-sustainable materials, rescued deadstock fabrics and repurposed vintage clothing. As we grow, our goal is to push harder to create more sustainable fabric options.

Lowering Impact:

We tell the brand story and fabric impact for each of our products on our hangtags – we also include lower-impact care instructions.

No wire hangers:

Typical hangers are made of plastic or metal and have a three-month lifespan. We use recycled paper hangers to lessen the demand for new materials and to keep junk out of landfills.

Reusable totes:

Americans toss 102 billion plastic bags a year. We opt for reusable totes because they lighten the load. Plus they’re way cuter.

Recycle those rags:

Americans throw away 68 pounds of clothing, per person, per year. You can get pre-paid shipping labels in our stores and on our website, so you can recycle your clothes when you’re over them.

Energy offsets:

We source electricity offsets from 100% wind-power suppliers.

Vintage everything:

We source a lot of vintage furniture and fixtures. We love to reuse! They are also great investment pieces that only get cooler with age.

Green light:

To make our footprint lighter, we invest in efficient, long-lasting light fixtures that save energy.

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