Having A Moment: Green Superfood Coconut Butter

We’ve had minor conniption fits over coconut in all of its forms over the years: our first sip from a green coconut on a tropical vacation, whisking up batches of whipped coconut cream from viral Pinterest boards, and our first taste of Pressed Juicery Freeze made solely from juice and coconut meat. The whole world is on something of a coconut bender these days, with coconut products of all kinds (edible and otherwise) making their way into all of our daily habits.

While we’ll never lose our love of coconut water or those darned Dang coconut chips, we’ve found a coconut product that’s going to turn this coo-coo for coconuts crowd on its head: green coconut butter.

having a moment: Okay, so coconut butter itself is not a new thing, but neither are kale (there’s a ‘dinosaur’ varietal for a reason) or kombucha; breakout stars of the wellness world yet definitively ancient foods. However you slice it, our recent experience with coconut butter is nothing short of revelatory.

Coconut butter is cripplingly delicious. Our first taste of the stuff was from a brand named Philosophie whose butters are infused with green superfood powder or superberry powder. It’s that combo of super-greens and coconut butter that had us flipping our lids, passing around jars of the stuff in the office with one spoon and a questionable level of unprofessionalism, and dreaming up new occasions to make toast.

Here’s why you need it: Coconut butter is not coconut oil. It’s what we thought raw coconut oil was when we first discovered it and tried to spread it on toast instead of frying sweet potato fries with it. Unlike coconut oil – which in its semi-hardened state has a consistency similar to dairy butter – coconut butter is drier and creamier, with the texture of nut butter (which it is, by the way). In other words, this stuff is heaven.

Coconut butter is rich in the vital minerals and essential fats found in all raw coconut products. Add the super-greens and you’ve got a nutritional powerhouse on a spoon. Philosophie’s Green Dream contains a touch of maple syrup and vanilla powder, plus their own blend of green powder filled with wonder-workers like spirulina, maca and hemp.

how to get your hands on it: Grabbing a jar of your own Green Dream butter is a cinch (check it out here), it’s what you do with it once you’ve got it in your paws that matters. Imagine this: it’s late at night, you’ve got the worst of the munchies but the best of intentions, and you grab a spoon in the kitchen to snack on…what? Ice cream? Peanut butter? No – a giant spoonful of maple syrup-infused green coconut butter. Suddenly your “secret single behavior” has transformed into an experience of pure nutritional therapy. Life is forever changed.

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