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It’s an emotional time on many levels. Some days, the distance between joy and anxiousness is as short as just one of our little happiness habits below. These are a few of the products, habits and little pleasures we’ve been working into our week to keep our spirits lifted as we weave our way through an unusual year…

The Spa Shower | It’s so easy to turn that quick shower into a spa experience that will lift your mood. Quickly dry brush your skin while the water comes to temperature and have a quick-drying hair towel available once you’re out. Keep a small glass spray bottle filled with eucalyptus essential oil in the shower and spray it into the steam while you cleanse — trust us on this one! 

The AM Depuff | While you get ready in the morning or settle in for a round of email and coffee, toss a set of hydrogel eye patches on under your eyes. We keep ours in the fridge and love Soon’s Hydrating Blueberry Hydrogel Eye Patches as they come by the jar, drenched in anti-inflammatory serum. Even if you do this just a few days a week, wearing the morning eye mask can have a significant impact on those under eye bags.

The Standing Desk Hack | A standing desk can make a world of difference in our energy levels and sense of well-being. It’s also much easier to stretch, incorporate a little movement and step away for little mental health breaks from a standing desk. Instead of one of those awkward desktop risers, try the standing desk hack we used in our office: custom wood risers from Etsy. 

CBD Tinctures | We used to use a bit of CBD tincture before bed only, but honestly, these days a half a dropperful in our morning coffee or at the end of a hectic mid-day can really do wonders for our nervous systems. Everyone is different. If you find CBD relaxes you to much to be in the beast mode during those peak work hours, test your response to CBD during the weekend and adjust accordingly! Try Prima for capsules or tinctures. 

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Light A Candle | Do yourself a favor and take a moment to set a calming, happy mood in your space, whether while working or during the evening hours. Lately, we’ve been loving locally made Jade And Juniper Goods Candles (left) and DEHV Concrete Candles (right). Get one scent for day and another for night to signal your body to different moods. DEHV offers a really fun pack of votives in all their scents so you can try them all!

The YouTube Hack | We love Spotify, but if you’re looking for something new, try throwing YouTube on your TV in a central area and putting on a visual playlist. YouTube is filled with beautiful videos of nature like this one that will allow you to imagine you’re out in the woods. There are coffee shop playlists with background noise and music that might allow you to conjur your favorite cafe. We also love all the New Age videos designed to set a tone for meditation. Try one at home for the day and see how it changes the atmosphere!

Signature Scents | Perfume for a Zoom call? Surprisingly, it might help you whistle while you work– and make you feel just a bit more put together. We love the sexy, throwback unisex scents from ST. ROSE. Blends are hand-crafted with natural and ethically-sourced ingredients and our favorites include Desert Nomad and Gypsy Cowboy. 

Pretty Little Things | Even if you’re home alone or just with family, throwing on a tinted moisturizer or curling those lashes might help you perk up more than you think. Here’s our full story on looking pretty at home without going overboard. 

Studio Cue Atmosphere Mist | Scent is closely tied to our sense of well-being so, yes, here is yet another scented happiness tool. Studio Cue is one of the coolest indie brands here in L.A. and their Atmosphere Mist is a stand out. Spritz the mist in the air and on sheets and let the unique cedar-like scent of Japanese Hiba trees linger. The revered oil is antimicrobial, germicidal and may stimulate joy, clarity, creativity and a sense of calm.

Rest + Digest | One key to feeling happy and calm is making sure your digestion is on the right track. Hard to be happy if your stomach is not. Two of our top recommendations lately include this psyllium husk powder from Bellway. Bellway actually tastes great, but the thick drinkable texture is something close to chia gel — an acquired, but addictive taste! We’re also impressed with the science behind Flora’s full line of functional probiotics.

Phone A Friend | Even on the busiest days, small interactions can let a loved one know you’re thinking of them and give you quick break from that work-brain. We love this idea for creating a ‘circle of seven’ to stay in touch with while we’re all distanced more than ever.  

Bake Something | Time in the kitchen can be cathartic. Pull a family member into the baking session — or use it as an excuse for a little alone time. We love these banana bread brownies, Sweet Laurel’s famous grain-free chocolate cake or these gluten-free flatbread pizzas.

Facial Spritz + Gua Sha | Lift your spirits with a great-smelling post-coffee or mid-afternoon facial spritz. We’re obsessed — here’s a list of recent favorites. Pausing for a short gua sha routine mid-day can feel amazing as well. Run the stone over that tech neck or gently circle the eyes to relieve built up tension.


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Vitruvi Stone Diffuser | Another way to mark change throughout the day without actually leaving home is to diffuse essential oils. Diffuse cedar in the AM to refresh and inspire you, citrus in the afternoon to energize, and something sultry like frankincense in the PM hours to reclaim your space.

Try a Little Breathwork | Breathwork sounds too easy to be effective, until you try it and feel the powerful effects. Make breathwork a part of your routine while you’re waiting for coffee to brew, after you workout or between emails. Here are 3 great routines to try. 

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