7 day challenge 2020

To echo our theme in The Shop this month, we’re thrilled to launch a week of thought-provoking challenges designed to stoke your mental and emotional health and keep you thinking about what it is that makes you happy.

It’s possible the word ‘happiness’ could make you cringe — in some ways, it’s flimsy right? ‘Happiness’ isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when we consider the kinds of duties and disciplines involved in our commitment to wellness, let alone our commitments in life. And yet, on some level, happiness does matter. Being happy is a true metric of our well-being. No amount of physical training or nutritional excellence can replace the kind of health that happens when we do the inner work and pay attention to our own emotional well-being.

It’s with that in mind we’ve decided to launch a week of writing prompts and daily assignments in our first ever The Chat series, the 7-Day Happiness Challenge. Our hope is that you’ll share in the experience with us and other readers, however the challenge is also designed to be private should that suit your needs too.

Every day, starting Monday January 20, 2020, we’ll be sharing a happiness challenge in the morning in our private Facebook group, The Chat. Read the challenge, take a moment to reflect or write, do the daily task assigned as it suits you, then come back in the evening to share what you noticed and learned. Again, you can also opt out of the group discussion and simply journal your learnings privately, but we encourage you to show a bit of community spirit and join in the discussion with us and other readers. The daily challenges are personal and meaningful, we look forward to hearing your unique experiences and learning from the group as a whole.

Below you’ll find a glimpse of what we’ve got planned for the week. To get involved, be sure you’ve joined our private Facebook group, The Chat and pop over each morning for the day’s challenge!

Challenge No. one – The Energy Bringers

Challenge No. Two – The Kindness Challenge.

Challenge No. Three – The Deep Breath.

Challenge No. Two – The Pleasure List

Challenge No Five – Reclaiming the Moment

Challenge No. Six – The Complaint Dept

Challenge No Seven – The Night Time Ritual

Join us on The Chat to follow along and learn more about the challenge connected to each of our seven daily themes. See you there! 

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  1. Is there an option for those who don’t have facebook?

    Katherine | 01.16.2020 | Reply
  2. Yes, is there another option, besides facebook?

    Yvonne | 01.16.2020 | Reply
  3. Yes, please…..is there another option besides Facebook????

    Chrystee | 01.17.2020 | Reply
  4. No, not Facebook 🙁 How about Instagram??

    Raquel | 01.17.2020 | Reply
  5. also looking for an option besides Facebook.

    Kellen | 01.17.2020 | Reply
  6. I would also like a non-Facebook option.

  7. Bait and switch to Assbook makes me very unhappy.

    Al co | 01.17.2020 | Reply
  8. No Facebook, please!!!!

    nbongo | 01.17.2020 | Reply
  9. ^ what they said

    bari | 01.17.2020 | Reply
  10. Good morning, I also need a non Facebook solution to partake.

    Wendy bott | 01.18.2020 | Reply
  11. Same as above. I have been boycotting FB due to their lack of integrity. I realize that Instagram is owned by them but it’s a much more streamlined content provider that at least doesn’t barrage you with fake ads.

  12. Another option than FB? Thanks

  13. I agree with all of the above. Another option other than FB would be great!

    Faith | 01.19.2020 | Reply
  14. Please an option for non FB users. I don’t have an account and don’t want to open one. Thanks!

    Celia | 01.20.2020 | Reply
    • Please stay tuned for future opportunities that will be on different platforms!

      Emily Wagner | 01.22.2020 | Reply
  15. Ditto on the above! This challenge looks awesome, but not worth having to go back to an unhealthy habit. FB sober for over 10 years!

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