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Normally, We take our coffee Bulletproof or Chalkboard style, but NYC foodie Kat Odell is introducing us to a whole new way to fatten things up. Coconut drenched coffee is nothing new, but East Village cafe, Hanoi House, is serving things up on a whole other level. Okay, technically, this is dessert, but we’ll definitely be trying this at least once…

What I Drank: Hanoi House’s Coconut Coffee.

Why I Drank It: I admit, I am somewhat of a coconut coffee junkie, whether the drink is made from coconut water (hey, Kopi Kopi!), coconut cream (hey, Santina!) or what I like to do at home – add a scoop of coconut oil to a scalding black brew. Aside from immediately falling for basically everything at East Village newbie Hanoi House (but please promise me you’ll order the umami bomb Bo Kho stew), I was especially keen on the cozy eatery’s coconut coffee iteration.

Why You Need It: Because adding a scoop of Il Laboratorio coconut gelato in a hot (or cold!) glass of coffee is somewhat genius. In hot coffee, the ice cream melts into a sort of coffee milkshake which, when breakfast launches, will just give you an excuse to eat ice cream before noon.

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