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There’s nothing worse than buying a pricey non-toxic shampoo only to find out that it doesn’t work — or an expensive organic face cream that’s comparable to something else under twenty bucks.

While we’re fans of affordable beauty, there are clean beauty products worth splurging for. The key is knowing which ones. Here are four we swear by, all in different categories…

the culty cream: Augustinus Bader The Rich Cream | $280 When this brand hit the market in 2018, it became a sensation almost overnight. Forget the celebrity backing and media hype, what you need to know is that pressing a modest amount of this sticky cream into the skin will leave you feel nourished and hydrated on contact. Shop Now

To buy or not to buy: We see a lot of skincare. The Rich Cream has become a fall back when someone’s finicky skin just isn’t happy with anything else. If you need deep hydration, but don’t love heavy creams and oils, you might fall in love with this stuff.

Augustinus Bader The Rich Cream review

The daily tech: ZIIP nano-current Device | $495 Microcurrent facials are one of the most transformative spa appointments available without injections. But at home, the ZIIP device too can work wonders. If you’re into gausha and jade rollers, imagine adding nanocurrents of energy to the equation. Like it’s better known competitor, NuFace, ZIIP uses current to lift and tone the face in a near-miraculous way. The short-term effects are instant, but lasting results happen with regular use. Shop Now

To buy or not to buy: Do you have the gumption to stick to a routine over time? If you know you’ll be consistent week after week, this is worth the splurge!

The special occasion facial: Hanacure All-In-One Facial Set | $110 Do you remember Hanacure? The brand’s famously tightening facial went viral years ago as users posted images of their faces, frozen in permanent grimaces as the facial dried on their skin. We thought it was all a bit gimmicky until last month when we  actually gave the clean brand a try and were amazed by the results. Shop Now

To buy or not to buy: Hanacure’s facial will tighten and lift your face like nobody’s business and we love it as a day-of treatment for special occasions. The effects are meant to be cumulative, but if you’re looking for a mask that will help you prep for big lift moments, photo ops and the like, this is worth the splurge!

kypris lip balm review

the luxe accessory: Kypris Lip Elixir Balm | $49 Fifty bucks might not be much for a skincare product generally, but for a lip balm? It’s a bit steep. Like all things Kypris, the new balm comes in gorgeous, thoughtful packaging just begging to live on your desk or nightstand. Made with peptides, plant stem cells, hyaluronic acid, botanical waxes and shea butter, the balm goes on like a dream. The reason it made our splurge list? The absolutely exquisite scent and taste thanks to French violet and Indian jasmine. This lip balm is like licking a tropical vacation memory or summer day in the face. Shop Now

To buy or not to buy: If your lip balm obsession knows no bounds, this elixir-balm must join the collection. If you are a jasmine-lover, the unique, natural scent of this balm is something you simply must experience.

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