Hailey Bieber hair tutorial

Hailey rhode Bieber has real life problems like the rest of us, we’re sure of it — but, apparently, haircare isn’t really one of them.

Recently, the genetically-blessed Mrs. Justin Bieber shared this hair tutorial to YouTube, complaining that she had “really sleek, silky hair”. Pause for sympathy and reaction.

Naturally, we’re only teasing. Celeb-bashing is not our style and we must admit it’s true that hair can be so “silky” that it just won’t stay up in a bun or hold a curl. Sleek and silky hair is a viable beauty complaint, although it’s up there with cheekbones that are just too sharp, legs that are too long and lashes that are too full.

We picked up on Bieber’s recent beauty complaint only because one of the brands used in the video sent us the transcript. Sometimes text just hits different and gives you a giggle.

While we thought Hailey’s note might give everyone a friendly laugh, her tutorial is actually pretty legit. After all, texturizing mists like the one she uses here exist for a reason. When hair is freshly washed — or, yes, Hailey, even ‘too sleek and silky’ — a texturizer like IGK’s Beach Club Volumizing Texture Spray ($31) can help hair to stay in place.

After watching Hailey’s hair tutorial, we actually discovered that she uses a ton of clean beauty brands that are TCM-approved. Perusing her channel, we found many mentions of clean products from beloved L.A. brands like MARA Beauty, Biba Los Angeles and Ranavat Botanics.

We think our readers will agree that celebrity beauty is a funny thing. On one hand, when you’re working with Baldwin genes like Hailey has, the products you use are nearly negligible. On the other hand, when you’re paid to look your best, and have access to top pros and products, you really do learn tips and insights that are worth sharing!

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