Gynostemma Leaf Tea: The Daily Adaptogen You’ve Never Heard Of

Gynostemma Leaf tea is the underdog adaptogen that’s likely to be everywhere in the U.S. soon. Treasured in traditional Chinese herbalism for eons, this daily tonic is powerful, affordable and just what many of us need for stress-management, longevity, and immunity. 

Also known as “miracle grass,”  gynostemma (pronounced guy-no-stemma) tea is treasured for it’s youth-preserving properties and consumed more often than anything but green tea in Japan. In a new series with one of our wellness idols, Ron Teeguarden, we’re exploring everything you need to know about the powerful plant below.

Ron Teeguarden is is the founder of Dragon Herbs and widely recognized as the founding father of Tonic Herbalism in the United States. His writings and herbal products are the go-to for most wellness pros we know here in LA, ourselves included. Enjoy a little herbal wisdom from Teeguarden here and stay tuned for more on the herbs we think more of us need to become better acquainted with! 

All About Gynostemma

Gynostemma is a major “tonic” herb that supports many positive functions in the body and is so safe and gentle that it may be consumed by anyone on a continuous basis. It is very important to consume at least some tonic herbs in your diet every day to maintain youthful looks and energy. And fortunately, it can be quite delicious.

It is one of the most widely used herbal teas in the world and is the number two-consumed tea in Japan, next only to green tea.

Gynostemma is sometimes blended with other tonic herbs like American ginseng, schizandra berries or goji berries, or spicy herbs and fruits like citrus peel, ginger or green apples to make wonderful teas and elixirs. It is completely safe for the whole family. Best of all, it is totally healthy and has a multitude of health benefits that are cumulative. Millions of people in Asia drink Miracle Grass literally every day of their lives.

5 Benefits of Gynostemma

Balances Energy | Tonic herbs like gynostemma provide Qi, the energy that animates our life. For this reason, it is a giant among the health-supporting herbs of the world. Depending on where it comes from and how it grows, it can be quite delicious as a tea for daily or regular consumption.

Reduces Stress | Gynostemma is a profound adaptogen. It has “double-direction” activity. When you’re tired and drink a cup of gynostemma tea, it provides a genuine pick up. If you drink it in the evening before bed, it will help you to sleep more deeply. As an adaptogen, it helps the body handle stress more efficiently, and as a result the body does not become drained, which causes aging.

Regulates Body Temp | Asian herbalists say that gynostemma has a “cooling” quality that helps the body avoid overheating and may even be targeted to specific areas of the body, depending upon other herbs in your tea. For that reason, it is a go-to herb in Asia during the hot summer months. In southern Asia, where it is often quite hot, it is consumed year-round simply to cool the body and as a general health supporting herb. Nevertheless, gynostemma can be used year-round anywhere, including cold climates, especially when blended with warming herbs like ginger, ginseng or goji berries.

Improves Immunity | Many studies have shown that gynostemma has a profound immune regulating action that contributes in many ways to our health and well-being. It boosts immune functions related to resistance, while it modulates over-zealous immune actions that can be problematic in many ways

BOOSTS BEAUTY | Gynostemma helps maintain smooth, lovely skin and hair, and slows down the “inflammaging” (inflammation x aging) that affects everyone over time.

How To Use Gynostemma

Be sure to get high-quality gynostemma! Cheap gynostemma can taste grassy or bitter, while high-quality gynostemma will be sweet and delicious. Feel free to make cold drinks in the summer and drink it warm in the winter. You may start and finish your day with it.

Dragon Herbs offers a famous premium grade gynostemma-based herbal tea that is consumed in over thirty countries around the world. It is made from gynostemma leaves grown in a remote and pristine mountain and grown on spring water. Spring Dragon Longevity Tea is a favorite among celebrities, world-class athletes and yoginis.

You may add any fruit to Spring Dragon Tea or straight gynostemma leaves to create a fantastic cold or warm tea and we love it with green apples.

Granny Smith Apple Spring Dragon Tea


2 tea bags of Spring Dragon Longevity tea
1 Granny Smith apple
30 oz hot water
Ice (optional)


Brew and steep the 2 tea bags of Spring Dragon Longevity with hot water.

Wash, slice, and remove the pits from the Granny Smith apple. We recommend using the whole apple for the full fruity and tart flavor.

Steep for 2-3 minutes and it’s ready to serve.

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