Lorna Jane Clarkson knows that you need to do just three things to have your best body ever: move, nourish, and believe. Lorna’s activewear line, aptly named Lorna Jane, has been leading the industry for an impressive 25 years in Australia, outfitting everyone from yogis to runners in fitnesswear that’s not only top-notch in quality but actually makes you believe you can be your healthiest, happiest self right now. In the last few years, Lorna Jane has made its way to the states – and we’re so glad it did! We love that even after over two decades and countless store openings, Lorna Jane’s core values and mission has stayed exactly the same: inspiring women to lead their best lives through “Active Living.”

Just like in life, authenticity in business makes all the difference – and starts from the top. In an age where connection is just a few computer-clicks away, Lorna makes a point to engage with and empower active women the old fashioned way: person-to-person. She regularly visits fitness centers, holds intimate trunk shows, and encourages her Lorna Jane team to engage community members with everything from fitness events to just hanging out at the store post-workout. This personal touch has paid off, as it seems like wherever we turn, we hear only wonderful things about the Lorna Jane brand – as well as Lorna herself. Take a few tips from this radiant, fit-minded Aussie and learn how she stays active, inspired, and glowing from the inside out…


Lorna Jane Clarkson.

Favorite workout:

An hour of strength training. It makes me feel powerful and capable for the rest of my day.

Moment I fell in love with fitness:

When that first endorphin rush hit me.

Favorite workout shoes:

Best fitness-wear staples:

A good sports bra and supportive tights that flatter my shape. I personally love Lorna Jane’s Pammy bra for its adjustable straps, removable padding and unbelievable fit. My go-to tight would have to be the Lorna Jane Amy tight. It has a soft, adjustable waistband, flattering panel lines and a zip pocket for convenience.

I stay inspired by...

Getting out and trying new things. I have mood boards all over my home, and I’ve been collecting inspirational sayings, images, and mantras my whole life. It’s important to live a creative life to make creativity happen.

Favorite hair accessories:

A great visor or cap. I’m loving our vegan leather cap right now. 

Must-have gadgets:

I couldn’t live without my iPhone. I use it to play music during my workouts and for the Lorna Jane Now Move It app to keep me on track. 

On my workout playlist…

I keep plenty of uplifting and inspiring tunes. I still can’t get enough of Pharrell’s ‘Happy.’

Most unexpected item in my gym bag:

Dog treats! I have them with me everywhere I go because my dog, Roger, is always by my side.

Favorite way to hydrate:

Water, every time!

Favorite post-workout fuel:

A smoothie that is packed with protein.

Fave quickie workout:

I’m a fan of the 15-minute workout. I have a treadmill and a cross trainer at home, so I’ll do one minute relaxed and one minute as fast as I can, alternating back and forth.

What Active Living means to me:

Active Living is the way that I live my life, and Move Nourish Believe is the daily practice that makes it achievable. If you make the commitment to MOVE your body every day, NOURISH from the inside out and BELIEVE anything is possible, living a more positive, fulfilling life is absolutely possible!

Personal fitness tip:

Do what you love and you’ll do it more often.

Biggest inspiration:

The women I meet every day who share their Active Living journeys with me, and the incredible way it has affected their lives and health through their daily commitment to Move, Nourish and Believe.

Current mantra:

“Never, never, never give up.”

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