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Meredith Baird is L.A.-based plant-based chef, recipe developer, cookbook author, and founder of Nucifera Body skincare. As a mother she’s constantly scouring for the best kids’ wellness products on the market.

Dinner at our house is often hit or miss for my six-year-old. Half the time we sit down for an evening meal she’s trying to move around, claiming she isn’t hungry, and we are forced to be “those parents” who fuss. But I like to try and take a step back to pay attention to what she’s actually saying… which so often is, I need to poop! Nine times out of ten, when dinner is a no go for her, it’s because she is about to use the bathroom. I can’t count how many meals would have been more pleasant if we’d not forced her to sit with us and allowed her to relax and tune in to her body’s digestive system.

The problem is, no one teaches parents to pay attention to their children’s digestive health as it relates to behavioral health in this way. Unless there is something chronic, their little digestive systems are mostly left to do their thing and we don’t think much about it.

I personally believe that this is where parents can begin to teach healthy body awareness habits. Our children need to be taught to understand their bodies own natural cues and this is where healthy digestive habits really begin.

Just like regularity for adults, regularity in children can be a game changer for managing immunity, mood and even optimal nutrient absorption.

hiya probiotic

Probiotics Help + Science Is Backing This Up

Until relatively recently it was thought that by age 3 the gut microbiome was fully developed. There is very little data to establish what is going on in school age children. But studies are starting to show that children have unique needs, and that they are in a prime phase for strengthening the microbiome for long-term health benefits.

With that in mind, companies like Hiya Health, are crafting probiotics to address the unique requirements of children and their gut health.

As many of us are far too well aware, the supplement industry is highly unregulated. Some kid’s probiotics are nothing more than candy containing questionable gums and weird additives — not the kind of gut support I’m looking for for my child.

Hiya Health is doing things right and it shows. Developed by pediatricians, Hiya’s probiotic is super-charged with over 10 billion live active cultures to support childhood needs. Their formula is easy for kids to stick to and something parents can feel good about giving their children.

When Does A Child Need A Probiotic?

Unfortunately, even the most healthy eater may need a probiotic these days. And for our kids, it’s crucial. Our modern food system has depleted much of the beneficial bacterias that live in soil and on produce. Most packaged food is pasteurized, and sanitization and sterilization are now commonplace in virtually all environments. Most probiotics are formulated for adults, but Hiya is uniquely crafted for kids.

The Hiya formula is suitable for children aged 2+ and I personally think this is the perfect time for kids to get started.

As a parent I’ve noticed that I’ve become increasingly less in control of what my daughter eats. I was lucky enough to be able to breastfeed for several years, and have her primarily at home until she was 4 years old. Up until she left for school, I felt good about what she was eating and the amount of water she was drinking. But, as any parent can attest to, the more time a child spends away from home, the less control we have of what they are eating and drinking. So many outside sources become a mode of influence. A high-quality probiotic can help keep their digestion regular and high functioning no matter what slips into their diet at school or birthday parties!hiya probiotic for kids

Building A Foundation for Gut Health With Hiya

Not only do I approve of Hiya’s formula, but my daughter actually loves taking the Hiya probiotic. I lead the way by taking my supplements with her every day, so being a part of this routine with me makes her feel a little grown up. The chewable tablet tastes like a sweet tart and looks like candy — sweetened with monk fruit and a touch of xylitol, it does taste like a treat. She loves the flavor and taking it is a complete non-issue. One a day makes it something she can look forward to. Sometimes she even reminds me now!

We both love that it comes in a cute refillable glass jar that can be decorated with stickers that she can personalize. The subscription model makes it a no-brainer for me and I don’t have to shop around or constantly research the subject. Each month a fresh 30-day batch arrives, she helps refill the bottle. Everyone wins!

Hiya is a healthy habit that makes everyone feel good, and keeps things moving! Try it for yourself with a generous 50% off offer on Hiya Kids Daily Probiotic for your first order.

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