digital detox challenge

Phones down. Eyes Up. Hearts Open. Let’s check our #DoItForTheGram attitudes and start living life on our own terms.

As the sparkling, but busy month of September begins, we’re joining forces with former TCM Guest Editor, Camille Styles, for a three-week digital detox you’re going to want to join us for! A social media makeover that will change the way you interact with your devices, others, and most importantly, yourself. We’ll provide the weekly inspo – you make a pact with yourself (and friends!) to declutter the noise that’s holding you back.

make a change for 21 Days.

They say it takes 21 days to form a new habit. Each day, we’ll challenge you to replace a negative social media habit with something that will serve you better. Out with the old, in with the new.

Join the Challenge below and every Sunday from September 10th to the 30th we’ll send you an email loaded with the kind of inspo you actually want, as well as challenges for the next seven days to inspire healthy tech habits, positive connections through social media, and getting offline to connect IRL. Some of our favorites include trying an app that helps you manage your screen time and getting friends together for a phone-free happy hour.digital detox

the Ultimate Self-Care Package.
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When you sign up to join the challenge, you’ll be automatically entered to win our sweepstakes as well.

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