Guac On Lock: 6 Guacamole Upgrades From A Michelin-Starred Chef

We know guacamole is extra. And we’re always willing to pay. But not all guac is created equal. At Chef David LeFevre’s beloved M.B. Post and Fishing with Dynamite in Manhattan Beach near L.A. the green stuff is always on point. To celebrate the newly opened The Arthur J (in Manhattan Beach too) we asked Chef LeFevre to let us in on how he gets guacamole looking this gorgeous (hint: just add edible flowers) and how he likes to take the traditional recipe to the next level.

Try some of this celebrated chef’s ideas at home for a fresh spin on Taco Tuesday (tons of healthy taco recipes can be found here) or just to impress the ladies for an at-home brunch!

Fresh Herbs:

Cilantro is a classic addition, but we also like to use some mint for a more herbacious punch that brightens up the dish. Shiso leaves are another great option.

Edible Flowers:

Flowers aren’t just pretty. They’re also great for adding flavor. The bright blue-violet petals of the borage flower give a cucumber flavor. The delicate white cilantro flowers have a more concentrated cilantro flavor, so you’ll want to use them carefully.

Stone Fruit:

Fruit like sour plums and peaches add a sweet and sour burst of flavor, plus some acid and dimension.


These bring great texture and crunch along with a peppery flavor. For a milder and sweeter pepper flavor, watermelon radishes are great. They are also beautiful sliced with a green outer ring and bright fuchsia center.

Pickled Ginger:

This works well if you want to give your guac an Asian bent. Try it with rice wine vinegar instead of lime juice, and shiso leaves instead of cilantro.

Fresh Seafood:

Shrimp, lump crab, or a flaky white fish pair perfectly with avocado. Top your guac with fresh shrimp and hit it with lots of lime, some salt, and any of the above.

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