How To Use Your Gua Sha To Cure A Hangover Headache

Hangovers happen. If you’ve ever had a few too many you know how derailing the aftermath can be; we get chills just thinking about the headache, the puffiness and the general sense of mind-body malaise. Having a few holistic tricks can be a life-safer if you want to look and feel like a functional human the next day.

As we approach a long season of celebration (aka lots of champagne and natty wine) we’re relying on a simple but seriously effective tip from the female founders behind skincare brand Wildling: simply use your gua sha to cure a hangover headache.

Practicing the following gua sha ritual will clear, smooth, plump, tighten and rejuvenate skin while reducing under-eye circles and puffiness. Use the tool at specific points all over your head to provide major relief, and even impart a defiant day-after glow. Drink your water, have some toast, grab your gua sha and get back to your life…

How To Use A Gua Sha To Cure A Hangover

Freeze Your Tool. Pro-tip for curing a hangover: put your gua sha in the freezer for 10  to 20 minutes before you use it.

PREP THE SKIN. Use a facial mist to hydrate, detox and energize the skin — Wildling makes an amazing skin tonic specifically designed to clear congested lymph, relieve skin dehydration and enliven the senses. Spritz to apply a light layer of moisture, which will help prime the skin to absorb the layer of oil that comes next.

OIL UP. Apply a liberal amount of facial oil to the skin to lubricate the surface for the gua sha to glide without tugging. Make sure you apply some oil to your neck as well. Wildling’s Empress Oil is made with the balm of gilead, tree resin nutrient complex and Indian sunstone. The women designed the oil specifically to plump skin and stimulate circulation.

Gua Sha To Cure A Hangover

Comb The Scalp. Use the U edge to comb through the scalp. This will stimulate the meridians of the head to clear headaches. You can focus on the areas of your head that are in pain.

Cool The Eyes. Use the rounded edge of the tool under the eye as a cool compress, and also all over the forehead.

Swipe Away Puffiness. Use the U edge just under the ear to sweep down the neck to the collar bone—this will help ease puffiness.

Rally + Repeat. Continue with the rest of your gua sha practice then repeat it all on the opposite side of your face.

Feeling good after using your gua sha to cure a hangover?
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