In her new book, Super Attractor: Methods for Manifesting a Life Beyond Your Wildest Dreams, Gabrielle Bernstein digs deep into her methods for — you guessed it — “manifesting a life beyond your wildest dreams.” And seriously, if not now, when? Gabby and her numerous New York Times best-sellers (Spirit Junkie, May Cause Miracles, Judgment Detox) are permanent fixtures on our living mindfully radars.

We’re loving this exclusive Super Attractor excerpt we nabbed to share with you. We can all relate to Gabby’s fixation with a single negative comment and the way she chooses to open up and make a shift back into what she calls ‘the light’…

Whenever you get hooked into the perceptions of the physical world, ask yourself, “Do I wish to see this in the dark, or do I wish to see this in the light?” If you have the willingness to ask this question, then you’ll have the willingness to choose the light. The moment you ask yourself this question, you invite a spiritual presence beyond your own to guide your thoughts back to love. The question is a prayer for help. It’s a reminder that there’s a world beyond your physical sight, a world beyond fear, a world beyond limitation, a world that is bright. The vision of light is waiting for you to choose it. Consciously choose to see with light all throughout the day. Make this a habit.

Many miracles arise when you make this simple choice. I recently experienced a miraculous shift by choosing to see with light. One afternoon I received an email from someone concerned about a hateful post about me on someone’s Facebook page. A woman had written a long rant about how I was a fraud. You can imagine how devastating this was for me to read. What upset me most was that several people on her page chimed in with comments. People said things like “Finally, someone is speaking up about how awful Gabby is.” Typically I don’t react to hate on the internet. I have prided myself on a practice I call “forgive and delete.” But this post really triggered me. I spent hours stuck in the darkness of this negativity. I scrolled through other negative posts on this woman’s page, I got defensive, and I let myself feel depressed about it. Later that night, while I was still feeling really down about the post, my husband called me out. Zach said, “Are you still obsessing about that?”

I said, “Yeah. I can’t seem to shake it.” He looked at me with great compassion and said, “Stop reading her negative feed, and go help the people who want to hear from you. Start with the thousands of direct messages sitting in your Instagram inbox.” This was the miracle. I felt so much relief the moment he suggested that I redirect my focus off the darkness and choose to see the light instead. So I made my husband show me where to find the direct messages in Instagram (I had no idea!).

“I didn’t know the light was there because I wasn’t
looking for it!”

I then spent the next few days responding to the most beautiful stories, testimonials, and messages from people all throughout the world. People had been sending me notes of gratitude, prayers, and miraculous stories.

During those few days responding to posts, helping people recommit to their spiritual path, I felt full of light and purpose. I felt deeply connected to my community and infused with joy. I had disconnected from my perception of my body (physical self), which could be attacked, and I had reconnected to my spirit, which is a force of love in the world. I woke up on the third morning filled with love. Instead of picking up my phone or jumping out of bed, I immediately thought, “Pray for the people you’ve been connecting to.” I went into deep prayer. I started to send light to my community. I prayed for them to have peace of mind, health, joy, and their own spiritual awakening. I prayed for them to remember the light. I’d never felt more joyful in my life. The hateful comments on Facebook had faded away and held no power. I truly understood that “miracles are seen in light.”

This experience transformed me. Redirecting my focus off the negativity and on to how I could serve others was the catalyst for a great spiritual awakening. I could see clearly in the light and forgive the projections of others. Today I can say that I am deeply grateful for the women who were hating me on Facebook. They offered me a divine spiritual assignment and a miracle. I know that they can feel my love because I have released them. I love them for showing me that light can cast out all fear.

In this experience, I was able to identify my own core value. I came to realize that what I value most about myself is my ability to be a presence of love in the world. When faced with darkness, I was able to access the light by helping other people feel good. I came to see how, when we’re in a place of resentment or reactivity, we’re merely defending against the light. The only response to fear is love.

I hope my story helps you see how simple it is to lift the veil on the darkness of negative thoughts and reclaim your light. In any moment you can make this choice. When you feel bullied, choose to focus on how you can make others feel good. When you feel weak, focus on your strength to follow your spiritual path. When you’re outraged by the injustices of the world, focus on the practices in this book to realign yourself with your light so you can shift from an energy of separateness and return to love. Where there is darkness, may you bring light.

Excerpt from Super Attractor: Methods for Manifesting a Life Beyond Your Wildest Dreams by Gabrielle Bernstein (Hay House Inc., September 24, 2020)

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