Melissa Shabinsky and Alexandra Zanella create the kind of dreamy beauty products that just didn’t exist a few years back: super-dense colors, spot-on shimmer, au courant packaging…and organic formulations! It used to be that super-natural sticks and glosses just couldn’t keep up with their conventional counterparts, but those days are long gone, as products like their award-winning Freedom Glow Beauty Balm are quick to prove!

When Melissa and Alex first began Revolution Organics, they set out on a mission: to alleviate the confusion that strikes so many of us at the beauty counter, the phenomenon we like to call “label overwhelm.” Whether you’re overwhelmed with toxic-looking labels or simply looking to try out the latest and greatest in new beauty, we highly recommend these uber-goopy glosses (sticky perfection!), shimmery all-purpose sticks (highlight everything!) and their wonder-working body balm. For all of your other beauty needs, read through these two gal’s DIY-heavy guide below…

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Green Goddess Guide: Revolution Organics

Can’t travel without my...

Alex: Revolution Organics 22+ All-Over Body Balm – travel friendly and does the work of 22+ products – and my black cashmere pashmina which keeps me warm and feeling cozy. Melissa: My Freedom Gloss – keeps my lips moisturized and glossy – my iPad,  my foldable travel flats, and oversized pashmina.

In a pinch I...

Alex: I whip up healthy nutritious and delicious meals. Melissa: I slick my hair back with conditioner into a bun, fill in my eyebrows and grab gloss so I can get out the door.

Always in my evening clutch:

Alex: A concealer stick and Revolution Organics Beauty Balm in Bronzed Melissa: Tatcha V blotting papers, mints and Freedom Gloss.

Beautifying snack/meal:

Alex: One-bowl salad featuring avocado, grape tomatoes, fresh oregano, extra virgin olive oil, a dash of salt and fresh ground pepper – yum! Melissa: Quinoa with cranberries, kale & pecans.

Beautifying drink:

Alex: Pure cranberry juice with water – tart, refreshing, cleansing and filled with a ton of antioxidants! Melissa: I am obsessed with Kimberly Snyder’s Glowing Green Smoothie.

For ultra-glamorous effect:

Alex: Thicker eyeliner on my top lash line; luminous almost white lid shadow for a wide-open glam look. Melissa: Highlighter on my cheekbones, down the bridge of my nose, corners of my eyes and along my brow bone.

Perfect pout:

Alex: A nude shade of gloss with a hint of shimmer – sexy natural glam. Melissa: Neutral lip liner all over my lips, a creamy neutral color base with a hit of gold shimmer on top.

Beauty tool:

Alex: My ring finger for patting, blending, wiping! Easy to clean, no waste and works every time. Melissa: My eyelash curler – an instant eyelift!

Weirdest beauty habit

 Alex:  Spritzing a tad of hairspray on an old (recycled) mascara wand then brushing my eyebrows lightly with it – keeps my brows looking perfectly manicured and in place! Melissa: Sleeping with my hair wrapped in a bun on top of my head on a satin pillowcase (no bad hair days!).

The product that changed my skin…

Alex: Pure olive oil. This was before the advent of healthy skin care products – now we can buy beautiful skin care products with olive oil in them. Melissa: Kahina Serum & Tata Harper cleanser.

Most treasured beauty tip…

Alex:  A smile. Who doesn’t look beautiful with a warm sincere smile? Melissa: Confidence: head high, shoulders back, and letting your inner beauty shine through.

In the shower I keep...

Alex: A spritzer of olive oil that I use as shaving oil for my legs – leaves them soft, nourished and rash-free. Melissa: A jar of coconut oil – makes an amazing hair conditioner, and I use for shaving too, for a moisturized finish.

To get that glow I…

Alex: Treat myself to a homemade body scrub. My favorite recipe is:
½ cup of coconut oil,
½ cup of brown sugar
½ teaspoon of vanilla
This stuff smells glorious and leaves my skin deliciously soft and smooth and hydrated.

Melissa: Deep condition my hair. I love a homemade mask of coconut oil, olive oil, an egg and an avocado!

On little sleep I rely on…

Alex: Lots of water and my favorite nut and dried fruit mixture which consists of walnuts, almonds, roasted chick peas, dried cranberries and raisins. This combo is rich in protein, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, potassium and so much more. It feeds my brain when I’m in need of a power boost. Melissa: Coconut water to keep me hydrated and alert so I don’t feel sluggish, plus a good pair of sunglasses!

After a long-night or rough weekend…

 Alex:  Hot mug of ginger tea with honey, a good book and my comfy bed. Melissa: I sit in my far infrared sauna.

My go-to DIY:

Alex: Approximately once a month, I will add one to two tablespoons of baking soda to my natural shampoo to super clean my hair and scalp. Although I don’t use a lot of hair product – I do use hairspray occasionally and this combo removes any residue from product and environment leaving my hair super shiny and easy to manage. Melissa: My hair mask of coconut oil, olive oil, egg and avocado. Also, strawberries and baking soda to keep my teeth bright (strawberries contain malic acid that helps whiten teeth).

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