Meet May Lindstrom, the sweet and delectable soul behind one of our latest beauty brand obsessions! Everything in this namesake line, from the drop-dead gorgeous glass bottles, to the wild-harvested ingredients, convey May’s main mission: creating luxurious little moments of self-care that give women that indulgent daily lift! Armed with potent organic spices, salts, raw cacao and fruit oils, May began whipping up her first concoctions as part of her own beauty ritual, but it quickly became clear to her that these unique skincare treasures should be shared with the world – and we couldn’t be happier.

Each of the black and gold glass bottles in the collection are worthy of cult-level devotion. The Clean Dirt, a spice-laden dry powder, whips into a scented mousse tempting enough to eat, but better massaged into the skin. The Youth Dew, full of organic, wild-harvested fruit oils drench the skin with as much hydration as it can take. And The Problem Solver is a beauty ritual we suddenly feel we can’t live without. Mixed in a clay bowl and painted on with a luxe brush, this circulation-stimulating, trouble-banishing mask has us hooked on the tea-ceremony-like ritual and skin-polishing results!

Like all of the green goddesses involved in our Fashion Week-adjacent Night of Green Beauty, May is the real deal and we couldn’t wait to hear about her own beauty rituals and obsessions…

Can’t travel without…

A cozy sweater and fluffy socks for the airplane – and The Youth Dew to keep my skin nourished and hydrated so I show up wherever I land looking and feeling fresh. 

In a pinch I…

Use virgin olive oil for everything – hand cream, body oil, facial moisturizer, hair treatment, makeup remover… it’s perfect if your toiletry bag goes missing while traveling – you can always talk room service into sharing enough to get you through anything!

Always in my evening clutch…

Kjaer Weis cream blush in Lovely, a tiny vial of whatever natural perfume oil I’ve been playing with in the studio, and my cell phone loaded with photos of my baby girl. 

Obsession of the moment…

A new top-secret cleanser I’ve been working on. It looks like pudding, smells like heaven and leaves you with dream skin. It’s crazy addicting and is causing me to spend way too much time washing my face.

Beautifying snack/meal:

Fat. I’m a breastfeeding mama with a serious appetite. My body requires major calories to function, and tons of greens and healthy oils to truly thrive. 

Beautifying drink:

Water. I cannot stress enough the importance of providing your body this vital hydration. It affects absolutely everything, from the health of your organs to the glow of your skin. 

For ultra-glamorous effect:

Add light to skin with a sweep of RMS Living Luminizer over cheekbones, just below your brows and on your cupid’s bow. Leave skin fresh and vibrant with just a pop of color on cheeks and lips. Naturally gorgeous is ultra-glamorous in my book.

Perfect pout:

A smiling one, gently stained with a touch of Revolution Organics Multi-Use Blush (which I love for lips) in Courtesan. 

Beauty tool:

A gorgeous and indulgent cleansing ritual. Not to be underestimated.

Weirdest beauty habit:

I’m obsessed with getting aggressively scrubbed on every inch of my body at very non-luxe Korean spas. I try to go every two weeks, and am genuinely thrilled watching my dead skin practically fall off my body and onto the table at the hands of these super strong no-nonsense women. 

In the shower I keep…

Scrubby gloves for whole body exfoliation, Yarok shampoo & conditioner, The Clean Dirt (I like to let it penetrate my skin for a few minutes as I wash) and Alaffia Liquid African Black Soap.

On my bedside table…

The Good Stuff, my head to toe radiance oil. I’ve referred to it as my “fabric-free lingerie” and I take that statement seriously. It’s the sexiest thing you can put on, and a must before bed. Also, Keri Gran Lip Whip, La Bella Figura Bohemia Verde Aromatic Hair Elixer, and a baby monitor.

Once a month I…

Treat myself to an intense 70-minute acupressure and reflexology massage. It saves my life.

After a long-night or rough weekend…

I cook up a pot of brown rice and a giant pile of fresh vegetables. Sit, chew slow, breath and re-group. Talk through anything that needs to be spoken out loud and let the rest go. Each moment  is an opportunity to start fresh. Don’t wait until tomorrow.  

On little sleep I rely on…

My baby girl’s love to remind me why those too-short nights will always be worth it. And sunshine to reset my clock and fill me with light and warmth.

The product that changed my skin…

With very clear bias, my honest answer is every piece of my line. I formulate for myself, first and foremost. It wasn’t until I reached the final versions of these products that I was truly happy with my skin. They really are as transformative as they are beautiful.

Most treasured beauty tip…

Be  authentically you, with a conscious commitment to recognize, embrace and celebrate your own individual radiance. You are truly special, exactly as you are. 

For glowing skin…

Eat the rainbow, move your body and fill your life with people who make you laugh and love deeper. Your beauty resonates from the inside out.

My go-to DIY:

A hot bath, salty as the sea, and pure raw honey blended with a bit of cinnamon, slathered thick from forehead to breasts… simple, and life-changing.

May is just one of the incredible brands involved in our Night of Green Beauty shopping event in New York September 4!  Find out more and get in on this shopping and juice-sipping extravaganza! 

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