Our handbags and medicine cabinets are never safe from friendly, prying paws. Whether it’s a lunch date sorting through Suzanne’s makeup bag, an overnight guest rifling through Lauren’s medicine cabinet or a fellow yogi digging around in Katie’s gym bag, our friends are always wondering which healthy products are on our radar now. We’re more than happy to share – we love this stuff! – and we love to give credit where credit is due.

One brand that everyone on ‘Team Chalkboard’ can agree upon is W3LL People, an Austin, Texas-based beauty brand whose green makeup line can be found on at least one of our mugs on any given work day. W3LL’s aloe-based foundation is a daily staple, their colorsticks can hang with any conventional makeup brand, and, to add to their appeal, their team, including co-founder Shirley Pinkson, knows how to get to have a good time while getting people glowing! Shirley is the makeup artist guru of the team and obsessed with creating beauty looks that are 100% natural. Here are Shirley’s own notes on favorite makeup bag staples and how she likes to get gorgeous on-the-go…

Can’t travel without…

My Universalist 2 moonstone highlighter to instantly beat the dehydrating effects of travel on my complexion. And green tea sachets… for my eyes! The green tea not only acts as my afternoon anti-oxidant boost, it calms and de-puffs my eyes. I simply place the used tea bag on my eyes and put my feet up!

In a pinch I…

Mix my Altruist Mineral Foundation with One Love Organic’s Skin Savior Balm. This winter season, I’ve been mixing the Skin Savior and my mineral foundation together to create a glow and moisture-driven foundation. Best part: No brushes needed and the Skin Savior serves as my eye cream and hydrator.

Always in my evening clutch:

Universalist 5 Crimson red cheek and lip color, and my Nudist 2 in a rich fig.

Obsession of the moment:

Lashes. Our Expressionist Bio-Extreme Mascara launches this March! Gladly, we have enough samples to keep these addicted lashes long and voluminous!

Beautifying snack/meal:

A handful of almonds.

Beautifying drink:

Anything with greens, lemon, ginger and/or cayenne pepper!

For ultra-glamorous effect:

Intensify your eyeliner and amplify your mascara.

Perfect pout:

There is always my personal classic: a vibrant red (Universalist 5), but lately I have found myself donning a youthful, glossy nude pout (Nudist 7 and the Paganist Gloss in Gold).

Beauty tool:

My hands… nothing can warm foundation into the complexion better.

Weirdest beauty habit:

Once or twice a week I ‘swish’ with activated charcoal and water to whiten and brighten my smile. The process is far from pretty, but oh so effective!

In the shower I keep…

Organic, unrefined coconut oil.

On my bedside table…
A lavender linen spray and my Kindle… always.

A lavender linen spray and my Kindle… always.

Once a month I…

I pledge to enjoy exercise.

After a long-night or rough weekend…

I start the morning with a fresh-lemon and apple-cider-vinegar cocktail.

On little sleep I rely on…

A large almond milk latte… a dose of dark chocolate, and coconut water.

The product that changed my skin…

Vitamin C. Topically applied, vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid) in a percentage of 15% or higher, saves my skin. Everyday.

Most treasured beauty tip…

Own your beauty. It hasn’t always been easy to ‘own’ my personal beauty. I am a gorgeously curvy woman in the beauty industry. When my confidence waivers, I remind myself to ‘own it!’ We are all uniquely beautiful. Take that in, and let yourself shine.

For glowing skin…

Sleep. Simply stated.

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