Green Goddess Guide: Annie Atkinson of She’s in the Glow

We’ve been experimenting with beauty products and practices since the second we discovered our mother’s makeup drawer. We’d watch in awe as she lined her eyes with the steadiest of hands, tweeze her brows into a pair of high-rising arches, dab a touch of moisturizer here and there to create an effortless shine, turn a stick of lipstick into a show-stopping pout. From those first few moments on, we became obsessed with the whats, whys, and hows of how to get that gorgeous glow 24/7.

Nowadays, we look to natural beauty mavens lke Annie Atkinson of She’s In The Glow to get the very best beauty advice firsthand. As a former stylist at Michael Kors and beauty marketing specialist at Chanel Beauté, Annie has taken her impressive knowledge of the beauty world and made it accessible for the rest of us. She’s In The Glow might remind you of a glossy beauty magazine, but reads like your bff’s diary: her down-to-earth interviews with industry leaders, thorough tutorials even the most DIY-challenged of us can conquer, and features on products we never knew we needed are all infused with her sharp wit and girls’-girl personality.

Just in time for the biggest soirees of the season, here’s Annie with her greenest beauty tips, favorite finds, and – yes – how to get that gorgeous glow your mama might just have mastered all those years ago.

Can’t travel without…

In a pinch I…

Apply concealer and luminizer. These are my two favorite beauty essentials.

Obsession of the moment:

Two things: 1. Androgynous lashes. I used to be obsessed with long lashes and got lash extensions every three weeks… for two years!! A few months ago, I took them out, and now love my lighter lash look. I am using lash serum to grown my real lashes long though. And I skip mascara, even at night. 2. Strala Yoga’s Relax. This has become a serious addiction. I feel like I want to go every day. Tara Stiles, the founder, is such an inspiration!

Beautifying snack/meal:

A homemade and 100% organic smoothie… mine is blended with homemade almond milk, filtered water, blueberries, strawberries, mangos, kale, spirulina powder, flax seeds and topped with coconut flakes, cocoa chips or goji berries (whatever I am in the mood for). I actually concoct one of these beautifying smoothie cocktails every morning for breakfast.

Beautifying drink:

During the day, it’s a green juice, of course. At night, it’s fresh ginger tea (freshly sliced ginger + boiling hot water).

For ultra-glamorous effect:

RMS Beauty Eye Polish in Magnetic. This is my favorite.

Perfect pout:

Tata Harper Volumizing Lip & Cheek Tint in Very Sweet, topped with Grown Alchemist Watermelon and Vanilla Lip Balm. It’s the perfect and delicious scented combo.

Beauty tool:

I am obsessed with Artis Brush Elite Mirror Brushes. They just launched on Net-A-Porter and they are fantastic. 

Weirdest beauty habit:

At least once a week, I take a 45-minute detox bath using epsom salt, coconut oil and essential oils.

In the shower I keep…

Black soap – this natural therapeutic beldi soap from Morocco is made from 100% virgin black olive oil. Once a week, I apply the soap to my damp skin, head to toe. Then, using an exfoliating scrub glove, I scrub my whole body. After I am done scrubbing, I rinse with water to remove all the soap. Try this! You will be left with exceptionally soft skin. This is the first step in the Hammam treatment.

On my bedside table…

H. Gillerman Organics Sleep Remedy, Bite Beauty Lip Treatment (which is the bomb) and Earth Tu Face Body Butter (I cant stop applying sometimes).

Once a month I…

Visit my skin doctor, Dangene of New York’s Institute of Skinovation.

After a long-night or rough weekend…

A large kale juice. And a fresh ginger shot, of course.

On little sleep I rely on…

Lots of water, to push out puffiness, and a detox bath. I’ll also apply concealer and RMS Beauty Living Luminzer to highlight and brighten my face.

The product that changed my skin…

Tata Harper’s whole line. I use: Regenerating Cleanser, Hydrating Floral Essence, Rejuvenating Serum, Reparative Moisturizer and the Replenishing Nutrient Complex.

Most treasured beauty tip…

My all time favorite quote and life motto: “If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.” – Roald Dahl.

For glowing skin…

Tata Harper!! My once-a-week go-to: Tata Harper’s Resurfacing Mask. Also, pure and unrefined coconut will do wonders for your skin and hair. I apply La Tourangelle Virgin Coconut Oil every night head to toe and even to my lashes to make them stronger.

My go-to DIY:

Coconut Coffee Body Scrub for glowing skin! 

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