Something happens when you’re preparing for the arrival of your first baby. Suddenly, the entire world begins to revolve around that ever-popular word: organic. Don’t get me wrong – we were already committed to eating organic and composting and cloth diapering and growing vegetables and all of that. But in preparation for the birth of our son, we – or at least I (let’s be honest) – found myself scouring the internet for the perfect organic cotton baby t-shirts, organic bedding, washcloths, mattress pads… even the perfect organic crib mattress. Do my husband and I sleep on an organic mattress with organic sheets? Um, no. We don’t. But for our baby, nothing else would do.

Now, I’m going to straight with you here… we’re expecting our second baby in June and s/he will probably not be as gently swathed in the softest natural fibers money can buy all of the time. My son’s clothes are not all organic anymore. He’s two; he wears whatever I find at the consignment store or what I buy on sale online. As long as it’s cute, it’s fair game. And we’re currently shopping for a twin mattress for him and, spoiler alert, it’s not going to be organic (hello, $800!).

All of that being said, I do have a list of favorite organic and eco-friendly baby clothing lines that I come back to over and over again. Whenever possible, I do like to spend my money on products that support and contribute to a less polluted future. So, yes, I love that they use organic cotton, bamboo or wool. But also, they’re unfailingly cute, they last well and you can often find them on sale.

The Basics

I like to dress the newest babies in simple clothes, I have to say. Whites and creams and neutral colors always just seem right, don’t they? And frankly, I can’t imagine trying to get skinny jeans on a 1-month-old when she’s just going to poop on them in 20 minutes anyway. I stick to soft, natural fibers and simple colors to make things easy for everyone.

Under the Nile Organics : Available pretty much anywhere organic baby clothes are sold, even Whole Foods, Under the Nile Organics is a great stand by. I adored their newborn bunting and basic footie when my son was tiny and I’m planning to restock for our second.

Kate Quinn Organics: Now with three lines, Kate Quinn has a whole range of cute clothes for babies & kids. I love her color palettes and patterns, and simple comfy clothes for the littlest people. Bonus: her annual $10 sale is going on right now! I’m picking up a few basics for bebe #2 myself. Plus, they also have a cute mama line.

Kicky Pants: Their super soft, bamboo PJs, tees and pants are great basics to have on hand.

Estella NYC: Adore Estella’s basic tees and pants for newborns and toddlers alike (as you can guess, I like to stock up when they’re on sale). And as a bonus, they’re launching their new bamboo layette collection this month, which I’m very certain will be divine.

Wool – Wool is naturally anti-microbial, eco-friendly and super cozy, especially for winter babies. I love wool sleepers and diaper covers for little ones. If you’re feeling adventurous, there are tons of handmade wool diaper covers available on Etsy, too, and they’re usually much less expensive.

The Stripes

Ah, stripes. Where would fashion be right now without them? Luckily, there are plenty of cute options for babies, too – many of them organic. Being the mom of a boy, I always tend to gravitate towards stripes because, well, it’s kind of the best thing going for little dudes.

Polarn O. Pyret: I cannot say enough how much I love this company. Their clothes are bright and fun, they wash super well, they last forever and every few months they have a giant sale. Enough said in my book. And they’re unequivocally the leader in baby stripes. Admittedly, a large portion of my son’s wardrobe has come from PO.P. I can’t help it. I love them.

Nature Baby: A sweet NZ company available on lots of US sites, their stripes are extra cute, too. Try J. Crew and Bloume Baby to avoid international shipping.

Petit Produit: Luckily, the internet makes it possible to shop French baby clothes. The striped harem pants from Petit Produit are pretty darling.

Hanna Andersson:  Another favorite Swedish brand, Hanna Andersson’s organic PJs are a staple at our house.

The Color

Thief & Bandit Kids: Hand-printed using non-toxic dyes on organic cotton jersey, Thief & Bandit is a truly handmade company. And Amie’s patterns and designs make dressing babies in organic clothes super hip, too. I was very sad when I had to retire my son’s navajo leggings a few months ago.

Mini Rodini: Mini Rodini’s organic line comes in all sorts of fun prints and patterns.

Winter Water Factory: Gorgeous, intricate textile prints are the signature of Brooklyn-based WWF. Inspired by vintage wallpaper, children’s books and “creating fine products from all natural resources”, I’m sold simply on the illustrative quality of the line. For euro shoppers, Shak-Shuka carries this line and a bunch of my other fave brands, as well.

Zebi Baby:  The baby bloomers had me the first time I spotted them at Firefly on Abbot Kinney years ago. The textiles and patterns are so unique and so beautiful, and it turns out the company is both Intertek Eco Certified and Oeko-Tex 100 Standard Certified, which makes them an even easier choice when shopping for something special for a friend or your own little one. I squeezed my son into his lion bum cover until he was well over one, much to the dismay of my husband.

ittikid: A final Swedish company making bright, beautiful organic kids clothes. Love ittikid’s whimsical patterns and colors. Apparently the Swedes know their stuff when it comes to stylish, organic baby clothes.

I’m sure I’m missing some of my other favorites, but these should help any new mama get her little one’s wardrobe in order STAT.

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