You can make to-do lists and stack up your schedule, but if you really want to make a change in your life the power of intention plays a critical role. Setting an intention can be as simple as keeping a journal or surrounding yourself with elements that will subtly and beautifully remind you to focus throughout the year.

If you need to develop better personal boundaries in your relationships, make protection your intention and remind yourself to aim for that as a goal. If you fixate on or are fearful about money, make abundance your intention. After that, it’s about letting your choices and actions reflect your intention. Here are a few ways to make it happen:

How To Bring Your Intentions To Life

design It | Create a wall-hanging, inspiration board or abstract art for your blank hallway — whatever creative endeavor it is, pull from your passions and enjoy the process. Use the visual you make to remind yourself of your set intentions. And to up the fun factor, grab a girlfriend and create something beautiful together!

Tell A Confidant | Tell a close friend, work buddy or business mentor about your focus for the year. Accountability can make all the difference between setting an intention and actually bringing it to life. Give her permission to keep you accountable for your behavior. Make a coffee date, explain your goals and big picture ideas about your intentions. Then share actionable ideas that will get you there — and what may stand in your way. Also, ask for advice and listen well.

Wear It | Gift yourself a wearable reminder you’ll see every day to focus yourself on your intention. As you glance down at your wrist or see the reflection in the mirror of the piece on your neck, you’ll have an undeniable reminder of what you’ve promised to yourself — and only you will know about it.

Gorjana’s new Power Gemstone collection is the ideal way to wear your intentions on your sleeve, so to speak. It’s the delicate look of the jewelry and powerful meaning behind each piece that makes us want to stack them up. The line is inspired by the founder’s crystal obsession, which we learned all about when we interviewed her a few months back!

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 7 Power Gemstones For Setting Intentions

Here are the seven power gemstones and their meanings. Choose the stone and intention you’re instinctively drawn to. Discover even more meaning behind your Power Gemstone jewelry here and enter to win below by telling us which intention speaks to you for 2019.

Black Onyx for PROTECTION | Black onyx is considered a store of self-mastery. It has a powerful energy that stimulates all of the senses so you stay alert, grounded and focused, thus enabling a strong field of protection. Learn More

Pyrite for STRENGTH | Pyrite is considered the stone of fire, as it can be used to ignite a spark. It draws energy from the earth and acts as a shield, filling you with a renewed sense of strength.  Learn More

Labradorite for BALANCE | Labradorite brings forth a higher awareness of yourself and those around you, adding a magical sense of balance to your life.  Learn More

Rose Quartz for LOVE | Rose quartz is known as a stone of the heart and unconditional love. It offers gentle, compassionate energy and brings with it nourishing comfort and peace.  Learn More

Lapis for WISDOM | Lapis is known as a stone of wisdom. It supports mental clarity and openness guiding you to a deep inner knowing.  Learn More

Howlite for CALMING | Howlite is a soothing stone. It has tranquil and inspirational energy that allows you to experience an increased sense of calm.  Learn More

Garnet for ENERGY | Garnet is considered a stone of passion and vitality. It offers regenerative and purifying qualities to your life, carrying it with a vigor that ignites your personal energy.  Learn Moregorjana power gemstones

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