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honestly, what’s so weird about goop? We admit that we may be too close to make the call, but wellness golden girl, Gwyneth Paltrow often gets called out for things that most of our community here in L.A. (and sprawled across the globe in NYC, SF and London), live and breathe everyday — and we’re never sure quite how to feel about it.

This month, goop unfurled yet another unexpected arm of their ever-growing business, this time in the food sector, and, we’re thinking the menu could finally prove just how grounded modern wellness really is these days.

goop Kitchen is delivery and pick-up only to start and, luckily for us, serves the small region of Los Angeles where The Chalkboard is headquartered. Thus far, we’ve ordered in an organic salad topped with Mary’s Chicken, soft-boiled eggs, and other super-tame, but clean lunches we only wish we’d had while eating those sad desk lunches in 2019 (J.K. we always had those desk-side lunches nailed.)

goop Kitchen is helmed by chef Kim Floresca, whose resume is dotted with our dream travel destinations for late 2021 — think El Bulli, Per Se, and the Restaurant at Meadowood (which sadly succumbed to Napa’s wildfires last year and we hope to see return!)

We’re thrilled to include Floresca in our In the Kitchen series alongside food gods like Dan Barber and Rene Redzepi…

In the goop Kitchen with Chef Kim Floresca

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What was it like working at El Bulli: Magical. As one of only a handful of women, it was a wonder to behold. Ingredients I had never seen, flavors I’ve never tasted, cultures I’ve never experienced, truly a learning mecca for any and all chefs and food enthusiasts to visit.

Not having known the language thoroughly, I learned the most during my time in Spain through techniques, ingredients, and culture. It was more of a cerebral-out of body experience to have witnessed such an incredible chef, team, and restaurant operate out of the norm. I loved every minute of it!

Always in my fridge: Toasted oat milk that I make myself, or you can buy high-quality versions, too. I sometimes blend in turmeric, raw cacao powder or a touch of cinnamon for a little variety. I use it in my morning shakes, coffee, or overnight oats for an extra sense of nuttiness and flavor.

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7 recipe staples always on hand: My go-to ingredients that I always have on hand include lemons, Maldon salt, really good olive oil, pasta (any variety), spicy pickled peppers (like Mama Lil’s peppers, which are jarred and kept in olive oil and are ohhhhhh so delish), broccoli, and kale.

With those ingredients, I can make a variety of different dishes that can change with my mood. Quick pasta dishes, a homey soup—the opportunities are endless and allow for such a nice variety of luxury from such humble ingredients.

Fave ingredients: Scallions. I love to put them in almost everything I make—just ask my husband. They’re such a nice flavor for soups and broths that are subtle enough for an onion flavor but not overpowering. I love them charred, grilled, dehydrated, cooked, and raw. Fermenting them or putting them in breads are also faves of mine! Simple, versatile, and humble ingredient.

Corn in the summer — there’s nothing better. And melons, too! A slice of melon that’s not cold and hasn’t been refrigerated but is ready to eat that day fresh from the farm: How can you go wrong? I’m drooling just thinking of it.

Midnight snack perfection: Muhummara, a Middle Eastern spiced red pepper spread loaded with spices and tons of flavor. I love to eat this with gluten-free pita chips or sliced cucumbers or top it with olives and serve it as part of midnight feast for myself. It is so satisfying and rich, and it eats like a meal when I get home late and don’t feel like cooking for myself.

Food you love to eat with zero prep/additions: I love pickles, even right out of the jar! Pickled veggies, dill pickles, spicy pickles, I love them all!

Must-have kitchen tool: Microplane/zester. It’s an amazing and inexpensive tool to keep in your drawer. It is not only perfect for zesting citrus but does an amazing job with other tedious tasks, like grating garlic into a sauce instead of chopping it or grating chocolate over your oatmeal to make it feel more luxurious. It’s an all-around handy tool that I simply cannot live without.

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Must-have munchies: Popcorn with sea salt and dark chocolate, and frozen bananas covered in dark chocolate are usually always in my kitchen. I don’t eat a ton at night but the balance of sweet and salty usually always satisfies my cravings.

Fave Condiments: I love great French Dijon mustard. Edmond Fallot Dijon is always in my fridge along with some kind of chili paste or condiment.

Go-to Clean Proteins: My favorites are chickpeas, beans, seeds and nuts. They are something I gravitate towards and fill me up without weighing me down. I love the versatility they can bring.

Best Bargain Tip: Ugly fruits are sometimes more delicious! Don’t pass over them. Their flavors are more developed and delicious. That’s a win for me! You can freeze them or use them in various baked goods or smoothies.

Best label-reading tip: Less is more. Learning about what ingredients are in your foods helps you to be more cognizant of what goes in your body.

Fave veggie + what you make with it: Broccoli for me, all day long. I love to make soups. My husband added Dijon to broccoli soup and it simply blew my mind. Something so simple yet made for an incredibly delicious meal. We also make broccoli pesto for pasta. It’s one of my go-to homemade meals when I don’t know what else to make.

You take broccoli and quickly blanch it. In a food processor, you blend in toasted sunflower seeds, garlic, good olive oil, lemon zest, and chili flakes. Pulse until a sauce is made, then serve over cooked pasta. It makes for one really delicious and easy to make dinner.

Craziest thing I buy at the market: I am always on the hunt for new ingredients or products. I love to buy marigolds (organic and not sprayed—you have to really know your grower for this). I take the leaves and use them to make teas or as garnish. The leaves you steep and then use the tea to make ice creams, and it is also so delicious in marinades. But shhh, don’t give that secret away.

Favorite splurge: I’m a sucker for unique aprons and kitchen shoes. I’m obsessed with these wooden clogs from Trotenstorp that are also boots. I wear them all the time in the kitchen, and they provide comfort and style in the kitchen. I bought the exact same pair so I could have a backup.

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