High on Life: Choosing Positivity For A Mood-Boosting Lifestyle

Do you ever crave the sweet release of body and mind? Ever want to throw on your favorite music and escape from the stresses and worries of life, simply by getting some sort of ‘high’?

Let’s just take a moment to consider the two very different ways to get high, their positive & negative effects on us and then, based on the evidence, you can select which you prefer…

Getting A High on Sugar, Caffeine, Alcohol, Nicotine, Pharmecuticals and Other SUBSTANCES:

The Positives:                                                                      

  • Pain relief, gives a ‘hit’, transcends body/mind, laughter, ecstasy, escapism, relaxant, stimulant, hyperactive boost, energy, enjoyment on more than one sensory level, mood altering, masks sickness, enhances confidence, coping strategy, feel good now, instant effects, social benefits, weight loss, less motivation required.

The Negatives: 

  • Withdrawals, vomiting, nausea, irritable bowel, dependency, inability to cope, paranoia, addiction, frustration, anger, prolongs sickness, skin problems, failure thoughts, weight imbalance, weakened immune system, more pain, desperation, lack of confidence, feelings of self harm, weakness/fatigue, depression, low self esteem, sleeplessness, hormonal imbalances, falling hair, uninspired about life, mood swings & more!

Much research has been done to prove that unnatural forms of ‘getting high’ or escaping our problems – whether it be something as simple as cold and flu pills or heavier cover ups, such as alcohol addictions and drug use – don’t fix us, but only ‘cover up’ the issues or drive them deeper. We end up feeling much worse in the long run or even the day after.

Oh, but there is good news, dear darlings, that fortifies me when I’m feeling down or need an escape!

Let’s check some natural and safe ways to get ourselves to feel good without any negative effects:

Getting a High from fresh vibrant positive mood-boosting foods, hydrotherapy, , time with loved ones, superfoods such as cacao, superherbs (there are many), music and exercise:

Now, before I get too excited, we should compare the positives and negatives of getting ‘high on life’ and see if it’s really worth all the effort:

The positives:

  • Feelings of vitality, enhanced energy from within, clarity of mind, joy, peace, love towards self & others, self control, pain relief, transcending or calming body/mind naturally, activates the body to heal itself, enhances confidence, provides almost instant effects, weight loss/healthy maintenance, hormonal balance, strong immune system, natural radiance, gorgeous skin, enjoyment on all sensory levels, strong nails, healthy hair, beauty, good health, long active life, motivation, inspiration, enthusiasm, optimism, sound sleep & more!

The negatives:

  • Takes effort & planning, takes courage & discipline, not a quick fix, possible healing crisis. Feelings of failure when not achieving my optimum healthy/happy goals.

There may be more negatives, but the good news is that this kind of “high” makes you want to focus on the positivity and encourages you to create an abundance of goodness and happy feelings in your life—I bet you can’t say that about some of the aforementioned substances and behaviors. Of course, I would love to read your comments if you have experienced any negatives getting high on life. Let’s talk about them and see if we can’t approach a negative in a different way and turn it into something constructive and good!

There are indeed many secrets to be discovered via a natural way of living that promote positive feelings of ecstasy, love for others and one’s self, too! For me, I find editor Kris Carr’s diet tips incredibly helpful but we all find different sources of inspiration and I invite you to share them with me and your fellow readers in the comments below!

Basically for me today – and you, dear reader – it all starts with our choices.If you chose to pick a route of positivity by taking good care of yourself and indulging in a healthy way—weather that means lessening your levels of stress, doing something everyday to be kind to yourself or just eating a little extra cacao if that floats your boat—you can achieve the highest levels of happiness. Try it! You’ve got nothing to lose and a whole heap of HIGH ON LIFE to gain!


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