The women of Darling Magazine, one of our fave cause-driven print mags, work from an office surrounded on all sides by just about every Eastside eatery on our must-visit list from Echo Park to Los Feliz. But do they ever make it away from their desks for a good bite?

We know you’re always on the lookout for new healthy eating inspirations – from recipes to reservations – so we asked the Darling crew to let us in on what they’re having for lunch each day in and out of their L.A. offices. From one editor’s farm-to-table faves to another’s inventive avocado toasts (we hear you, Ziza), whether you prefer your meals a la deskside or out on the town, these girls have you covered on tips for quelling hangry pangs and keeping afternoon energy on the up…

Sarah Dubbeldam, Editor-in-Chief:

My favorite lunch spot is Fix Coffee in Echo Park! They just started serving food, and their chef is very talented – the food is unique, healthy and all farm-to-table.

Tracy Le, Print Managing Editor:

My favorite go to would be roasted veggies – I usually go with carrots or brussels sprouts with just EVOO, cayenne, pepper and Maldon salt. It would be on a bed of organic arugula and spinach. Topped with sliced and roasted almonds, ready-made lentils and a light dressing (fresh pureed garlic, dijon mustard, evoo and lemon!). If there is an avocado nearby, do include it.

Ziza Bauer, Online Managing Editor:

I like to think I loved avocado toast before it was cool. I always try to have at least one on hand to make for an easy, saving-grace lunch. The fat fills me up and gives me an energy kick, and I love coming up with inventive things to pair one with. My two favorites lately have been avocado, red pepper flakes and mascarpone cheese or avocado, hummus and artichoke hearts.

Rebekah Shannon, Producer:

Forage in Silverlake has my favorite kale salad in town.

Kyle Wood, PR + Sales:

Something really easy that is light and refreshing that I often make is cucumber, heirloom tomato and crumbled feta salad. That’s it. Those are literally ALL of the ingredients. I throw on a splash of olive oil and a little bit of balsamic vinegar with a whole lot of salt and pepper and I am a happy girl!

Milena Mallory, Assistant Producer:

At the office I always love a quick and simple quinoa, black bean and kale bowl with salsa and cilantro for lunch. My favorite healthy lunch spot is probably Zinc Cafe. My healthy lunch tip is to think ahead. I am always procrastinating when it comes to making lunch, but I always feel better about myself physically and mentally when I have a good balanced lunch at the office.

Nihan Gorkem, Director of Digital Marketing:

A fresh salad like apple walnut salad, beet salad or quinoa salad. A heavy lunch like burgers and fries will make you tired and sleepy throughout the day. I find myself more energized and productive after having a fresh green salad and a sweet drink, like carrot juice or sparkling blood orange soda.

Kara Dykert, Director of Market Strategy:

I love a well-crafted sandwich – fresh ciabatta bread, homemade condiments and an assortment of veggies, cheeses, and greens. One of my favorites is the Farmer at Daily Dose in Downtown Los Angeles – it’s a flavor explosion. Oh, and anything with a fried egg – the extra protein always helps me through busy afternoons.

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