Cash Warren’s Father’s Day Gift Guide

We’re doling out Father’s Day advice from the winner of our unofficial World’s Most Adorable Dad award: Cash Warren. This is a man who’s got the work-life balance thing on lockdown.

We fell in love with this entrepreneur, just like his oh-so Honest wife, when we quickly realized his business savvy was nothing to overlook! Cash has made an ultra-cozy niche in the apparel world with Pair Of Thieves, his line of quirky, ready-for-anything socks just for men – and their kids. We can only imagine he is inspired in part by the other two ladies in his life, daughters Honor and Haven.

Cash is sharing his Father’s Day know-how below – his wish list, favorite traditions, even a few tips on what to get the dads that seemingly have everything. From breakfast at the local deli to his best Father’s Day memory, Cash’s list is refreshingly sweet and surprisingly simple. Get out a pen and jot down some notes – your pops will thank you.

Best gift your wife ever gave you:

My daughters.

Best gift your kids ever gave you:

My favorite gifts from my kids are always the handmade ones.

I've been looking for the perfect...

Pair of khakis.

Preferred men’s grooming products:

Honest Shave Oil, Crew Reformer Hair Paste, Phylia De M Shampoo and Conditioner.

Top gift for the stylish dad:

For the healthy Dad:

For the fitness-lover:

Fave Dad’s Day indulgence:

Relaxing at the house or playing golf with my buddies.

Favorite family tradition:

Breakfast at Nate ‘n Al’s.

Song the family is most likely singing in the car:

Milky Chance “Stolen Dance.”

For dads who travel:

Perfect gift for techies:

New MacBook.

Fave edible gift:

Bottle of Blue Label.

Family’s fave night of the week:


Dinner dish the whole family loves/agrees on:


Gift for the foodie dad:

Dinner at Jon and Vinny’s.

Perfect gift under $50:

8 pairs of Pair of Thieves socks

Charitable gift idea you love:

Donation to Baby2Baby.

It's not Father’s Day without:

Getting bossed around.

Best Father’s Day memory:

Hearing my daughters say “Happy Father’s Day” for the first time.

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