Cleanse. Scrub. Serum. Moisturize. That’s the routine, right? Sort of. We’re messing with step two lately by trying out the traditional French beauty ritual called gommage.

A gommage is essentially a scrub, but it can be used in a completely different way we’re becoming obsessed with – and we’re not the only ones. Top facialists everywhere swear by gommages for ultra anti-aging effects, to brighten, freshen and unclog skin in the most effective way possible. Here’s the trick: instead of using a gommage style scrub on wet skin, the product is applied neat to dry skin, massaged gently in small circles until the product begins to roll off, taking dead skin cells with it.

Using the gommage dry is one of the most effective beauty tricks we’ve tried in a while and we’re wondering why we rarely encounter the stuff. The catch may be in that most gommages can also be used wet like more conventional scrubs. Do you have a scrub that is also a gommage in your medicine cabinet already and simply not realize? Go check and if so, try using it with the dry method. Beauty mavens, take note: don’t get too aggressive with your new French beauty trick. Take it gentle and slow to avoid damaging your skin and only use one to three times weekly. Here are three picks we love…

Alexandra Wagner’s White Tiger Exfoliant | Wagner’s Abbott Kinney studio is a go-to for many the Venice babe. Her new gommage can be used three ways: as a mask, a scrub or a gommage. Versatile, potent and, like, do you have another product with a white tiger on it? Thought not. Star ingredients include black volcanic sand, white turmeric and tiger grass.

Arcona Cranberry Gommage | This gommage is perfect for acne-prone skin or other types in need of a serious but gentle detox. It employs the power of zeolite to clear out and refine pores, while raspberry and cranberry – two of the most antioxidant rich berries out there – polish, protect and perfect the skin for a total glow that builds (and lasts!). CHECK OUT HERE

Comfort Zone Sacred Nature Gommage | A one stop shop for a natrally radiant complextion, this bio-certified gommage exfoliates, softens and hydrates skin with buriti oil and jojoba spheres that exfoliate gently (aka no sandpaper suffering) to open pores and allow other plant-based healing goodness to soak right in. CHECK OUT HERE

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