Our mouths are watering over this delicious cookie recipe that comes just in time for the holidays! Madeline Lu has won our hearts and stomachs once again with a recipe that while flavorful and perfectly seasonal, just happens to check all the boxes when it comes to nutrition – this recipe for chocolate-dipped almond marzipan is vegan, gluten-free, almost completely raw and sugar-free – so indulge without the guilt!

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Gluten-Free Chocolate-Covered Almond Marzipan


1/2 cup almond meal or whole almonds
7 oz vegan marzipan
1 Tbsp orange peel, freshly grated
7 oz 70% dark chocolate
10 pistachios


If using the whole almonds, use a food processor to grind them into fine almond meal. In a medium mixing bowl, grate the marzipan. Then add the almond meal and 1 tablespoon grated orange peel. Use hands to mix the three ingredients together until well combined. Roll it into a flat square around one-centimeter (a tiny bit more than 1/3”) thick. Wrap in cling film and keep in the fridge for one hour.

2. Take the almond marzipan dough out of the fridge, use cookie cutters to cut the dough into different shapes. The leftovers can be reshaped and rolled out into a square again.

3. Melt the dark chocolate in a heat-proof mixing bowl over boiling water until the chocolate is melted.

4. Carefully, dip the almond marzipan shapes half into the dark chocolate. Give it a little of shake to get rid of the excess, then put it over baking paper or cooling rack to dry. Repeat the process until all the shapes are done. Top the chocolate shapes with some more finely chopped pistachios. Leave it to dry before eating.

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