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Few things soothe the soul like time spent in the great outdoors. One of our favorite kinds of getaways is a trip to a cozy cabin somewhere where the air is crisp and smells like pine. All it takes is a few minutes perusing Airbnb and a quick group text to pull together the perfect girl’s weekend away from the city, or idyllic solo trip if that’s more your vibe.

Some weekends, getting off the grid just isn’t possible. For those weekends, we love these recommendations from Free People. These items make both the perfect cozy travel companions when you make your way into mother nature’s arms — and can transport your senses to that serene place your wild heart craves while at home or on an urban hike. Turn off your phone, draw up a bath and lean into the bliss of cabin-inspired self-care…

Bathtub Bliss | Even if your schedule doesn’t allow you much time to breathe, making a date with yourself and a private tub usually proves to be the best antidote. Moon Bath’s bath teas are crafted according to Ayurvedic principles to optimize our experience with the lunar cycle. Take a second to learn when our dear moon is waxing or waning, full or new or somewhere in between, and immerse yourself in the most applicable floral blend. Check Out

Get A Camp-y Fragrance | If you want to fully play the part of “off-the-grid” living, or just want to smell like you are, light up a little grass or pine-based incense at home. (A few fave ways here.) 1809 Camp fragrance will also do the trick…aside from, say, starting up that roaring fire. Check Out

Beautifying Tea | On a crisp morning, nothing does the mind and body better than a cup of something warm. Lucid’s special collaboration Free Spirit Green Tea, with notes of strawberry, rose petals, lavender, hibiscus, lemongrass and spearmint, just might awaken your spirit enough to lace up your boots and explore the beauty that surrounds you. Check Out

Brush It Off | If you’re off the beaten path and a hot shower is proving elusive, don’t forget the power of the dry brush. We’ve touted its benefits here before… Easily totable, the Merben brush can help you in cleaning your body of dead skin and toxins, while stimulating your circulation. Win win win. Check Out

Soothe Your Skin | There’s a reason this oil is called Everything… what can it not do? Pack it along to do all the things. Made to condition and soothe your face, skin, nails, cuticles, even the ends of your hair! And, it works to remove makeup from around the eyes. Smart item for when you’re looking to travel light and smell amazing thanks to its almond/rosehip oil base. Check Out

Carry That Weight | To add a workout element to you outdoor exploration, don a pair of Bala Bangles. They can be worn on your wrists and/or ankles and, coming in at one pound each, can add a considerable boost to any activity, from running to hiking to walking back to your cabin for some much-needed downtime. Check Out

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