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Everyones has put off a medical appointment from time to time, but health appointments having to do with anything near our colons? That delay time seems to double. We’re not sure where this avoidance pattern started, but yours might be about to change, once you learn about the benefits of colon hydrotherapy. 

Julia Loggins, CHT is a trusted Colon Hydrotherapy Therapist here in Southern California and the author ofa few classic books on gut health — one published just last month in collaboration with wellness renegade, Patricia Bragg. Julia is the picture of health (and boundless energy!) at age 67, a testimony to the practice she so passionately advocates for. Below, we’re breaking down everything you’ve ever wanted to know, but didn’t want to ask about getting a colonic… 

Colon Hydrotherapy 101 with Julia Loggins, CHT

Detoxification is the foundation for ageless health and beauty. Our bodies were not designed to eliminate the thousands of chemicals we come into contact with every day — no matter how clean a life we live! Colon cleansing is a safe, simple and practical solution to releasing these toxins, and eliminating bloat, brain fog, burnout and inflammation.

Did you know that the hormones that allow us to feel optimism and joy are made in our gut, not just our brain? A clean and healthy colon equals radiant skin and infinite energy.

Let’s start with the basics: what exactly IS a colonic?

A colonic is a professional treatment that safely cleanses the colon, or large intestine, which — many may not realize — is six feet long.

Colonics are  painless and there is no odor. In your session, you will be lying on a table, fully draped for discretion.

Colon therapists use filtered water, of course, but some also administer organic chlorophyl or coffee infusions, which aid liver detoxification and calm the nervous system. They are excellent for anyone dealing with autoimmune disease, blood sugar issues, IBS and colitis. See all the first-person stories in my book, It Takes Guts To Be Happy!

Where did the therapy originate? Colon cleansing is thousands of years old as a health tradition. The Essenes practiced it, as did the Egyptians, and Hippocrates wrote extensively about it. A client of mine, an anthropologist, found hieroglyphics in a cave wall in Peru that depicted a shaman administering a coffee enema after a plant medicine ceremony. This practice is not new!

Nurses and midwives have given patients enemas for hundreds of years, to reduce fevers, pain and boost the immune system.

Who can benefit from a colonic?can you elaborate on those who will find them especially beneficial?

Anyone can benefit. We all live in this beautiful, but toxic world. Because colon hydrotherapy stimulates the ‘happiness hormones’ that are made in our gut, colonics are one of the best stress-busters ever. And who doesn’t have stress that needs addressing?

Because the gut and the brain are connected, colon hydrotherapy is often potent for helping heal traumatic brain injury, PTSD and toxic exposures, including mold.

So many people are terrified or skeptical when it comes to colonics. Why do you think that is and how do you usually address?

Enemas and colonics were administered in hospitals until the 1970’s, when pharmaceutical drugs replaced almost all hands-on therapies. From my informed perspective, many practices that work, are inexpensive and personally empowering are, sadly, going to be ridiculed or diminished.

Most misinformation about colon hydrotherapy comes from ignorance, unfortunately. Twenty years ago (I have been in practice 40 years!) I gave a sceptic gastroenterologist a colonic, because he did not believe that his colon was impacted. All I can say is that one session was worth a thousand words!

Thankfully, I have a wonderful team of medical doctors in my clinic, and a supportive group of referral doctors, who understand the benefits of colon cleansing. Your colon therapist should be happy to answer any and all questions, without hesitation. I know I am!

if readers are ready to try a colonic, what should they know? Is it true they should be booked as a series or is one enough?

A series is optimal for best results! But everyone should feel free to book one to start. One of the most beneficial aspects of colonics is busting the taboo our culture conditions us to have about poop, and holding things in. On many levels, this therapy is about letting go.

That said, generally, I recommend 4-6 sessions to begin to eliminate the 5-20 pounds (or more — even for thin people!) of impacted waste.

Cleansing the colon is also the only way the liver can deeply flush toxins. If someone initiates a liver flush without cleansing the colon, the toxins may re-circulate in the body. That is called “autointoxication”.

Is there a mind-body element to colonics? So many devotees talk about this… 

Because we hold our stress and trauma in the solar plexus — our belly — it is common for clients to get in touch with memories or emotions during a session. We welcome that release!

Colonics are confidential sessions where it is safe to let go of everything that is not working in our lives. In my experience, clients often have revelations, epiphanies and answers to problems appear that previously eluded them. This is due to the stimulation of hormones such as dopamine and seratonin, that promote creativity, happiness and peace. Clients often leave a colon hydrotherapy session feeling euphoric!

Tips for A types – what is the best way to prep and recover from a colonic?

The best way to prep is to eat light and clean a few days before and after — and drink lots of water. I encourage my clients to reduce or eliminate wheat, sugar, dairy and processed foods for those days.

Detoxification often reduces cravings, so my clients are not white-knuckling it with their food choices after treatment. When toxins are eliminated, the desire for sugar and carbs begins to melt away. Will power has little to do with the ability to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Detox and self-care can lead to healthy, sustainable choices without suffering!

What benefits should be expected?

You will feel lighter, brighter and clearer after your colonic! And, hopefully, you will feel empowered to learn how to do colon cleansing at home with coffee enemas — a practice I teach to all my clients.

The truth is that even the thinnest, fittest clients I have are not immune from having impacted colons. Nor are teenagers. I have had many as clients because being a teen can be so stressful.  If your colon is bloated and impacted, a million sit-ups will not flatten that tummy, but cleansing the colon can.

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