Garden-Fresh Beauty: A Cooling Cucumber Toner

You may not know it, but your skin has a higher concentration of antioxidants than anywhere else in your body; this protects you from the effects of the sun. As you age, the amount of antioxidants in your skin decrease. So the same sun that helps your garden to burst with life, now also wreaks havoc on your skin. The good news is that your skin can absorb antioxidants directly from fruits and vegetables. Now is the time to take advantage of this and grow your own skincare!

It takes some research and a little practice, but in time you can create a full line of organic products for skin and hair, right from your own garden.

Cucumbers are famous skin-soothers. Apply cucumber slices to your skin, add cucumber juice to your favorite lotion and create this cucumber toner. Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) prevents water retention and antothenic acid (vitamin B5) helps in the retention of moisture. The combination of these vitamins and other nutrients found in cucumbers makes for a great moisturizer. Another powerful antioxidant in cucumbers, vitamin K, helps to remove the excess hemoglobin that results in dark circles under the eyes. Retinol (vitamin A), helps to control or reduce production of melanin, which causes dark spots on the skin. These green wonders also have silica, a building block of collagen, which helps to reduce wrinkles.

Here’s the simple recipe for cucumber toner from specialist Inger Genest to get you started!

  • Cooling Cucumber Toner

  • You'll need...
    • 1-2 Organic cucumbers
    • Witch hazel or rose water
    • Grater
    • Colander & bowl
    • Sterilized glass jar or bottle
  • Instructions:

    Grate the cleaned cucumber into a colander set over a bowl.

    Once grated, squeeze the grated cucumber to collect the juice.

    Measure the amount of cucumber juice you've created and add an equal amount of either witch hazel or rose water - which ever you choose - to make the toner.

    Pour the mixture into a sterilized glass jar or bottle.

    To apply, use a cotton ball soaked in the toner or simply splash or spray the toner onto clean skin.

    Store in the fridge. Keeps for up to 10 days.

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