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Hey, Anxiety, can we just get along? If it feels like anxiety is one big hanger-on’er, you’re not alone. Anxiety is the most prevalent mental disorder, especially in women. Of course, we’re in tireless pursuit to find manageable ways to get a grip on anxiety: yoga, breathwork, journaling, weighted blankets. Luckily, Chinese Traditional Healing expert, acupuncturist and herbalist, Mona Dan of Vie Healing, is here sharing how ear seeds meet anxiety head-on. Not only do we love that they support relaxation naturally, but could they be any cuter?

Anxiety comes in many shapes and sizes, and it’s primarily because we too come in different shapes and sizes. In Chinese medicine, we say that we feel our emotions in our blood, but what does that really mean? It means when you feel something, you feel it all over the body. Some people feel anxiety by feeling off, by feeling jittery, they feel it in their stomach or chest, and it can be expressed through panic attacks or sleep disturbances.

Many times, we can’t seem to shake it off. Why? Because we have blood memory which is just muscle memory. So what’s needed? Stimulating blood flow, which is key to processing emotions. There are different things we can do to get the blood moving in Chinese medicine— acupuncture, cupping, herbs and 24k gold ear seeds.

Tell Me Everything About Ear Seeds…

Ear seeds are an ancient Chinese practice that uses the reflexology map of the ears, similar to the ones we have on our hands and feet. The ears are a neglected organ on the body because they are so small, however, they are very powerful. The ears are innervated—meaning they have lots of nerves—by four main nerves that communicate directly with the brain. (This is why massaging the ears are so relaxing.)

The reflexology map holds every point of the body and also includes symptoms, too. For example, if you have anxiety and are feeling it primarily in the chest, when you use the relaxation protocol you can also stimulate a point on the chest area.

How do ear seeds work? They work by applying stimulation on pressure points of the body which send signals to the reflex centers of the brain. The reflex centers of the brain send proper signals and chemicals that are sent through the body to scan what is going on internally with our nervous system response.

The body has two modes that should be working together. The sympathetic (excited/fight-flight) and parasympathetic (calming/processing) nervous system. If one system is working harder than the other, we feel imbalanced. Once the signals are sent, and problems pinpointed, the brain then sends the proper healing chemicals to regulate the nervous stem to relax symptoms.

Where do you apply ear seeds? There is a protocol that recommends targeting the main areas of the brain and body to reset. Then you can add extra points where you’re feeling anxious. The first point is “shen men”—the upper ear, which calms the mind. The next point is called “point zero”—this point resets the nervous system. This point is also right next to the stomach point so it also helps with digestion.

The brain point is next, which is a great point for balancing brain chemistry. The endocrine point is at the bottom area of the inner ear and it assists with regulating hormones. Then the heart point in the middle of the bottom portion of the inner ear. This point is great for relaxing the heart. Lastly, we suggesting scanning the map of the ear and seeing what else you may need—maybe you have knee pain or cramping from your cycle, so you can use the uterus point. There are many body points, and they’re all great for resolving ailments.

How long do you keep ear seeds on? The ear seeds should stay on for five days. After five days it is best to peel them off. You can do everything you generally do while you have them on. You can shower, go to the gym, sleep…everything.

Can I apply them myself or does a professional need to? You can definitely come into one of our locations and get them done, or you can buy a kit and do it at home. We really want to encourage everyone to get familiar with their ears because they’re such a healing aspect of our body—and one that is so neglected. So before popping the next Advil or Tylenol consider applying ear seeds instead.

How does this whole concept gel with your current ear party? Learn more here.

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