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Mariah K. Lyons is an author, designer, crystal healer, intuitive and herbalist based in Los Angeles, CA. She is the founder of the luxury grounding footwear company ASTARA and best-selling author of Crystal Healing for Women.

On the night of May 15th, we have a Super Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse. The Full Moon will be in sign of Scorpio and the eclipse will be at its maximum magnitude at 9:11pm PST. It is labeled a “Supermoon” as it is closest to the earth and will appear bigger, brighter, and possibly even with a red hue in the night sky.

the Spiritual Significance…

This is not a quiet occurrence. Scorpio rules transformation, and as May 15th marks the exact middle of eclipse season, we are in the midst of a cycle of death and rebirth, the destruction before the phoenix rises from the ashes.

Eclipses mix things up and wipe the slate clean if need be. They happen in pairs, with the last Solar Eclipse April 30th, 2022 followed up by a counterpart Lunar Eclipse this Sunday, May 15-16th depending upon your location. Tune into what has been transpiring the last few weeks and what insights have been coming through. This is a very powerful transit if you can allow yourself to have faith that whatever is being released and reworked in your life is for a higher purpose and outcome.

OVERALL THEMES TO EXPLORE… Completion, Transformation, Growth

We are being supported to find completion and closure on a particular chapter of life. Eclipses tend to bring an element of chaos and this oftentimes can bring endings to relationships, jobs, and ways of being. Have faith that what is completing in your life is creating space for new life to blossom.

Scorpio supports the journey through death and rebirth, and many times eclipses will enhance our courage to face our fears and give us an extra energetic boost to fully let go of the past. Now is the time. This Super Blood Moon is encouraging you to have trust in your own transformation.

HOW YOU MAY FEEL… Reclusive, Sensitive, Intuitive

You may be feeling a bit withdrawn currently, perhaps more sensitive physically and energetically than usual as eclipses bring an amplitude of energy and tend to heighten sensitivity and psychic abilities. Pay attention to who you are drawn to in your life at this time, as relationships in all forms are being brought to the forefront for review.


Rest, journal, perform a ritual bath, spend time in or near a body of water and listen to binaural beats or sound bowls. If you feel called, this is also an excellent time to write down a list of what you are ready to release in your life and safely burn or bury the list. This is not a supportive full moon to charge your crystals under the eclipse, instead take a bath, light a candle and envision that the water is absorbing all energies of the past you are releasing, and as you release the water down the drain, say a prayer of gratitude and watch the energy flow out.


+ Who am I now?
+ What relationships feel supportive in my life at this time?
+ What do I not want to admit to myself?
+ What am I afraid of?
+ What am I afraid to release?
+ When do I feel most empowered?
+ Who do I feel most empowered around?
+ What daily practice might I bring in to support this next chapter of life?

My book Crystal Healing for Women has a “Detox Bath” ritual that is supportive in times of release and transformation.

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