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A full moon. On Halloween. In 2020. It’s a lot. And we’re breaking it all down for you to digest with crystal healer, meditation guide and reiki master, Mariah K. Lyons, whose newly published, Crystal Healing for Women is the perfect resource for weeks just like this.

Follow Mariah for more deeply feminine and grounding insights to help us travese this year in balance and a deep connection to ourselves through the highs and the lows bound to come…

All About The Full Moon In Taurus 2020

SPIRITUAL SIGNIFICANCE… This Halloween, October 31st, not only do we have a Full Moon — something that only occurs on Halloween every 19 years — we also have a Blue Moon, a rare event attributing to the phrase “once in a blue moon” when 2 full moons occur within the same month.

The Full Moon in Taurus will be visible in all time zones globally, something that hasn’t happened on Halloween since 1944. The significance of this Full Moon is greatly amplified, supporting release, transformation and finding completion to create anew.

October 31st has long been celebrated for thousands of years as a time where the “veils between worlds” are thin. Modern day Halloween celebrations have roots from the ancient Celtic celebration of Samhain, which marked the end of the Celtic year and honored the beginning of a new year. Samhain is a time of remembering one’s ancestors, lessons and gifts of the year while also warding off and releasing negative spirits into the underworld.

This is a time for going within and honoring what challenges we have overcome, what we can bring to completion and for gaining clarity on what we want to create in our lives moving forward.

OVERALL THEMES TO EXPLORE… Completion. Release. Transformation. Creation. What is ready to come to completion to make space for the new? How can you let go of past regrets, grudges, experiences and anything you may be holding onto that is preventing you from moving forward? What is it you wish to see different in your life and in the world? What are tiny steps you can take to create big changes down the road?

My new book Crystal Healing for Women contains a wonderful meditation for this full moon called ‘Inner Reflection and Reinvention Ritual’ that is highly supportive through phases of transformation by helping one to gain insight and clarity during times of change.

HOW YOU MAY FEEL… Highly emotional, frustrated, confused, curious, internal, intuitive, inquisitive, dreamy, spacy, overwhelmed, creative.

We are still in Mercury Retrograde and with this moon conjunct Uranus, truly anything could happen. It is a destructive energy, one that creates transformation and endings, and we may be feeling this intensity in all aspects of our lives especially around relationships, career, finances and environment.

Allow this energy to transform what is no longer resonating into a new expression that excites you. While the “veils are lifted” you are able to see clearly what is working and what is not and begin to imagine and visualize the life you wish to experience. Let it be fun and creative, working with the energy to amplify and activate new visions of your reality.

an EXCELLENT TIME TO…  Spend time in nature — allowing the body and mind to center and ground. It is a wonderful time to journal and take stock of what you have learned this year, and allow your intuition and creativity to take flight as you imagine and visualize what you want to create in your life. If you find yourself emotionally spiraling down with the intensity of this moon, then punch pillows, dance in your living room, have a laugh with a friend or go for a walk around the block and let the energy simply move you into a higher vibration.

JOURNALING PROMPT…’What am I ready to bring to completion? What are experiences from the past can I release and let go? What have I learned this year? What is it that I want to make space for in to bring into my life in regards to relationships, career, finances and health? Am I allowing enough space in my life to truly reflect upon my goals, wishes, desires and dreams? Who do I want to be when I come out of this transformative time?’

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