breathwork for parents

A while back we asked breathwork coach, Ashley Neese to share her gifted know-how to three real life scenarios. One of them was never more relevant phenomenon of kiddo overload.

With so many parents facing the unexpected challenge of homeschooling this spring, we wanted to be sure this simple, useful tool got in parents’ hands. Breathwork can sometimes be surprisingly challenging — and more effective than you may imagine if you’re new to it.

Try the below practice from Ashley’s book How To Breathe below and pass it along to a mom or dad who needs this advice the most….

the IRL SCENARIO: “My kids are all turned on at full volume. How can such tiny beings create so much sound? My priority this afternoon is them, but I’m exhausted from the constant flow of little needs. I feel depleted and frustrated, but there’s no way I can take my eyes off of them for a second! What can I do?”

Ashley: “First, place your feet firmly on the ground hip width apart. Next inhale deeply and reach your arms overhead toward the sky. As you exhale, bring your arms down with your hands together in front of your heart. Take a pause. Repeat this two more times, lengthening your arms up with your inhale for a good stretch and bringing your arms down slowly on the exhale. This is a wonderful practice to ground your system and reboot your energy — on the spot — without having to take your eyes off the littles.”

Focus Breath from How To Breathe

Come back tomorrow for a story we love on how incredible mothers we know are dealing with this world-wide change of plans.

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