Full Moon In Capricorn July 2022 mirror on rocks

Mariah K. Lyons is an author, designer, crystal healer, intuitive and herbalist based in Los Angeles, CA. She is the founder of the luxury grounding footwear company ASTARA and best-selling author of Crystal Healing for Women.

SPIRITUAL SIGNIFICANCE… The current planetary alignments are in perfect placements to support massive change, if you let it…

We have a Super Full Moon, Wednesday, July 13th at 11:37AM PST/2:37PM EST in the cardinal earth sign of Capricorn.

Capricorn can be the task master, and as the moon is conjunct Pluto, the planet of transformation and the unseen, and trining Uranus, we have a powerful opportunity to look at aspects of the psyche that are difficult to look at, alongside things we may have been putting off, to truly integrate, heal, complete and move forward.

Uranus helps us to see through a new lens, so while the deep unconscious shadows may be surfacing, we have the opportunity to shift perspective, innovate and transform into the new. As a cardinal sign, Capricorn is an instigator, moving things along, and this celestial alignment has the capacity to greatly move things along! So use this as a catalyst to jumpstart and shift!

OVERALL THEMES TO EXPLORE… Freedom, Structure, Innovation

What does freedom mean to you? Explore the subjects of freedom and structure over this Capricorn Full Moon. How are your current structures (or lack thereof) helping to expand your sense of freedom within, or create a perceived prison of your own doing?

One way to explore “structure” in your life might be how you plan/schedule your days, your current wellness routine, or how you manage your finances etc. Capricorn helps to bring grounded order. Sometimes we can find more freedom to expand when we have a solid foundation.

Where might your current structure need a redesign to more fully support your highest goals and dreams? Be practical, truthful and honest with yourself, but don’t forget to stay lighthearted in the process!

HOW YOU MAY FEEL… Reclusive, Transformed, Dreamy

Things are changing in a big way. You might even feel like a completely different version of yourself than you were last month, or even a few days ago! Let yourself integrate all that is coming up for you and all you are transforming into. It’s okay if you don’t feel as social or communicative as you normally do.

This is a time of great change and we can’t rush the process. Allow for the rest period as the old versions are releasing to make way for the new.

it is an EXCELLENT TIME TO… Rest, write, spend some solo time outdoors or cozy in bed.

Allow the changes and shifts to take place and use the energy of this lunation to propel you into the new. It’s okay if you don’t quite know what the “new” looks like just yet. Use the journaling prompts below to explore a supportive restructure to help build a strong and healthy foundation for all you are expanding into. Trust, trust, trust.


How do I define freedom? In what area of my life am I desiring more freedom now?

Could this area of my life actually benefit from more structure? How am I resisting structure there?

What is my current relationship with structure overall? Am I resisting structure in any way? If not, am I too rigid or controlling with structure in any way?

What are 3 easy ways I could implement more structure in my life that would actually bring more freedom?

What aspect of me is ready to birth forth? How might new structure support my vision and expansion?

After answering these questions, let yourself dream up a few new “potentials” for your life. Have fun with it. Perhaps get out some good old magazines and vision board, or pin a few favorite images as you begin to anchor in this new expanded you. Remember, that even intense transformation doesn’t have to be serious all of the time, in fact, playfulness is a necessary part of innovation! Enjoy each step of the journey. It is all unfolding.

My book, Crystal Healing for Women, has a “Connecting To Your Creative Potential” ritual that is supportive in times of reinvention and creative expansion.

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