October 9 full moon

MARIAH K. LYONS is an author, designer, crystal healer, intuitive and herbalist based in Los Angeles, CA. She is the founder of the luxury grounding footwear company ASTARA and best-selling author of Crystal Healing for Women.

Journalling Prompts for The Full Moon In Aries

SPIRITUAL SIGNIFICANCE… This Sunday at 12:56 pm PST we have a Full Moon in the cardinal fire sign of Aries. It is known as the Hunter’s Moon in the Farmer’s Almanac, speaking to the time before winter of harvesting and hunting all that is needed for a long winter ahead.

This is an opportunity to integrate all that was cleared and healed from the past eclipse season before we move into the next eclipse season in a few weeks. Yes, the next partial solar eclipse is on Oct. 25th. So while the intensity of the energy may not be letting up anytime soon, this Full Moon in Aries is opposite the Sun in Libra, which softens the heat of warrior Aries and highlights the energy of balance and what areas of our lives and relationships we an bring into more balance.

Asteroid Chiron, the wounded healer, is also currently in retrograde in Aries, which may again be highlighting deep wounds that are ready to be healed and integrated, and especially those which may also be keys to work you are going to be doing moving forward or the relationships you are desiring to explore.

Thankfully, Mercury has just gone direct, bringing more forward movement with this Aries Full Moon, so there is an opportunity to work with this energy as literal fuel to move forward with projects and changes.

OVERALL THEMES TO EXPLORE… Action, Surrender, Design

The theme of “design” is coming in as an energetic balance between action and surrender. Oftentimes we can have certain plans for life…and then life seems to have plans of its own. With all of the knowledge and wisdom that has been gleaned over the last few months, alongside all the big life changes and realizations, where can you find that beautiful balance between specific movement forward and surrendering to a larger plan unfolding? Therein lies the living question:

How can you move forward with designs for your life, while leaving space for the unknown and the grand design of the universe? This is the beautiful tension within the Aries Full Moon opposition to the Sun in Libra. Both can exist.

HOW YOU MAY FEEL… Restless, Fatigued, Open

With Mercury moving forward again with this Aries Full Moon, there is an energy of forward motion and change. Funnel this energy into something supportive for you, be that physical movement or taking actionable steps on certain projects that may have felt sluggish the past few weeks.

This is a time to stop fighting the opposition. If you are still holding on to toxic relationships or old patterning, you are most likely feeling exhausted. Notice how much more energy it takes to strain and hold onto what you willfully want to transpire vs. opening to a surrendered place of deep listening and moving forward from grounded and aligned place. That may mean more letting go, so stay aware of what is coming forth.

EXCELLENT TIME TO… Move your body! Dance, run, hike, swim, sing, whatever feels good to move the energy and express it through your physical body.

There is a massive energetic cleansing taking place through the planetary alignments right now so it’s a great time to take extra care of your body through rest, sauna, drinking more spring water, getting a lymphatic massage, etc. We are clearing old pathways both on physical and spiritual levels, and your body may need extra support right now.

If you are finding anger, resentment or past grievances coming up in your relationships, it would be a great time to journal and write them down. Allow the energy to move through you into your writing, before unleashing on someone else. Tempers may flare and emotions may be heightened. Anger is a powerful energy and can be a catalyst for great change when channeled into something purposefully.

Again, this is a time of self mastery, of healing old wounds around relationships, and understanding how to deeply care for yourself and your needs, regardless of who is around you. This ultimately allows you to be a better partner in your romantic relationships, friendships, family and work partnerships.

JOURNALING PROMPT… What is it you want? What is your ideal design for this next season of your life? Where might you be afraid to surrender deeper? What action is needed in your work? What action is needed in your personal care? Is there anything you have been putting off? Can you take the steps necessary to tend to it now? What support is your physical body needing at this time?

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